Baaayyyy bongacams.

Baaayyyy bongacams.
What did a hundred rubles? “I bought a place and a forest for a shop.”
Give me another two hundred rubles, the carpenters must pay for the work.
The father gave him money, and the son came again and stands at the same garden.
She saw the lady and asked: – Why, well done, did you come again? “Let me go, madam to the garden, show me your knees, I will give you two hundred rubles.”
She let him into the garden, lifted the hem and showed her knees.
The guy gave her the money, bowed and returned home.
– What, son, got a job? – I settled down, father, give me three hundred rubles, I will buy the goods.
His father gave him three hundred rubles.
And the son now went to the lady’s garden.
Standing and looking through the bars.
And the father thinks: – Let me go and look at his trade.
Followed him and looks.
– Why, well done, came again? – asked the lady.
The guy answered her: – Do not be angry with you, ma’am, say, let me send you x.
eat by your pi.
de, I will give you three hundred rubles.
– Perhaps.
– I let him into the garden, took the money and lay down on the grass; and the guy threw off his pants and became her x.
I eat lips and so provoke, that the lady herself asks: – Tkni in the middle! Please stick! But the guy does not want: – I asked only to move his lips.
“I will give you all your money back,” the lady says.
– Do not! And he knows everything povazhivaet lips something.
– I took six hundred from you, and I will give one thousand two hundred, just stick in the middle! The father looked, looked, could not bear it, and shouted from behind the lattice: – Take it, son, a penny for a penny, a good profit! The mistress heard, but as it will escape and ran away.

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There was a guy without a penny and screamed at his father: – Who asked you to shout something, old horseradish!
Sit down, dear friend, more comfortably, listen to a fairy tale about valiant knights, princesses, eclipsing the beauty of the sun, but various villains, harassing them with happiness.
So, our tale begins in a dense forest, where unknown creatures and robbers are evil.
The earth trembled.
The leaves broke away from the branches and trembling fell down.
Heavy steps resounded in the woods.
This seven-belly-dangerous came out on the hunt.

The cruel and merciless creature was the seven-belly.
And the animals hid, the birds went silent, barely having heard the heavy tread.
Only one beast was not afraid.
On the

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other side of the forest, he got out of the den of a deep and dark kosogryz, dangerous too.
And in search of food, they rushed towards each other, not knowing about the approach of the enemy.
Legs fat semibryuha buried in the ant.
The four spoilers of the seven-slaw broke the branches they came across.
The tail of the thick seven brooms left behind a deep furrow.
Nothing could stop the slow, like an avalanche, the advance of the beast.
And suddenly the seven-belly stopped, standing as a huge idol in the middle of the forest.
And because it came to his wide, swollen nostrils, the smell of extraction is a treat.
And not just prey, but human females.
But also seductively beautiful.
Judging by the smell.
Young, tender.
Her legs should be long.
The skin is silky.
Strands are long, fluffy.
The seven-smack beat out, the two-handed sword is alike.
And the giant rushed to the smell of a female human, attractive, without dismantling the way.
Trees small breaking, and big with a root turning out.
Kogogryz black lightning spread along the bushes curly.
Scale-armor rustled, but only.
Yes, forked tongue, like a creeping creeping air tried. Baaayyyy bongacams.

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