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I shod myself, tied my shoelaces on my shoes and kissed my hand when I handed her a crumpled stool.
I asked to come more often.
Slut served us three at the same time, all the holes were busy.
Ebli her three or four hours in a row (drunk for a long time) until her cuckold, impotent woman, came back from work.
She was satisfied, we didn’t pay her money at all; otherwise there would be nothing to catch up with, but she was not against it.
Before leaving, right at the door with her husband unbuttoning his fly, each in turn was kissed by a member who was already softened and asked to come more often.
A very hospitable little family;) “After reading this, I always feel a little uneasy, because it’s not about someone who is writing, but about my wife.
Jealousy is rolling and strangling, but what can I give her now except good money? I asked her to have one permanent lover, to which she replied that how she

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would play enough – then maybe, but for now she is happy with everything, and especially the internet fame and the reviews that are left about her after visiting.
And her husband’s cuckold is a fucking one, judging by the situation and her prikidu little family is far from the poor, but they deal with such garbage, in general one word – perverts.
I will come again, I want to shove her in the ass properly and ask for money.
I am writing a month later.
Calls are still not interrupted, especially after the wife started paying for the visit to almost every client, regardless of whether she liked it or not.

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It was another whim.
Moreover, due to her extraordinary employment (the spouse started serving up to two dozen clients per day), I began to receive evening and night calls.
2012 Woon-woon200 Well, the bitch met with a smile even though I arrived today at 8 am first.
According to her, the last customer yesterday left her only 4 hours ago and she is again ready to work.
Her husband was at this time in the kitchen, had breakfast before leaving for work.
Should someone at least make money hee hee.
Fuck her to glory, moaning, screaming and screaming so that her husband in the kitchen, probably, choked and more than once.
Nothing, a good charge of cheerfulness before the working day.
By the way, who knows where he works? it would be necessary to send a letter of thanks to the work of hee hee fuck her for a couple more hours and after the departure of the pious cuckold, you can see the horse and the impotentish miserable.
Money offered – I did not take.
it can be seen that the lady works out of the “love of art”, fucks like the last time, and her contented-minded woman acts as an ATM, dresses and contains her not sickly.
In general, fuck her, guys, do not hesitate! 15.
!!! Three hours perly and in the ass and in the mouth and pussy, fucking was.
At the same time in all her fucking holes fucked.
I don’t know if she could accept anyone after us, but some people were already waiting for her at the door.
They took her dough for beer at last and drove off.
There was a joke at the end when she gave thanks to everyone and kissed her hand to everyone, she saw such a ritual, and Max instead of her hand replaced her for a thank-you kiss.
Appreciated the joke.
She kissed and gave another piece on top.
Cool aunt.
Come again.
Hello to my husband.
He did not take the money, on the contrary, he gave her a ten.
I’m still a man.
And I would not say that someone had it in front of me, fucked as if the husband was a sea captain.
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