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In the meantime, she prepared herself for my feast, had to complete the preparations.
Take out and disassemble a lot of ropes suitable for the situation and the place of action, put at a distance the reach necessary for the first stage of the toy – a vibrator and a whip, and drink a cup of coffee with a cigarette so that you do not get distracted.
My sun appeared from the bath in a bathrobe and with a completely innocent, childishly joyful smile.
I took her hand, and led her to the table in the middle of the room — today’s place of action.
Without saying a word, he took off her robe and helped to climb onto the table.
She, as always at such a moment, was overwhelmed by stiffness.
According to the rules it was supposed to slightly help her relax, stroke, caress, slap, squeeze the nipple, but I did not want to.
Today was my game.
Slowly replacing mercy with anger, burning and letting my movements give it out, I threw her back, put her hands behind her head and grabbed them with a rope ring.
The long end of the rope wrapped around the neck a couple of times and fastened tightly.
Now she could not even try to break free – the rope around her neck could too easily remind herself.
She tried not to look at me, as always happens when she gets involved in a game.
Then I pulled her wonderful body along the table and engaged in fixing the legs.
It was easy to notice that her clean-shaven pussy squishes from the overflowing juices.

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To enhance their expiration, I tried to

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push my wife’s legs as roughly as possible.
I wanted to get full access to its openings and therefore I bent my knees with a stick under the fold and firmly fixed it with a rope.
Then he quickly pulled the ankles to the table legs.
Nothing, if she gets hurt by the crashing of the rope – this corresponded to my mood.
To complete the picture, I tied my elbows to the legs and wrapped it with a long rope around the table top across her chest and stomach, and the picture was ready.
Stepping back a couple of steps, I stood up and admired the beauty of the immobilized naked woman who was now completely in my power.
Listening to her deep breathing, I suppressed the excitement that usually followed me at that moment, and went into the bath for my dirty shorts.
It is almost a tradition to use them as a gag.
She, as always, did not like it when a piece of matter silenced her mouth, so she had to give her a couple of slaps to make her more compliant.
With force, I put panties in her mouth and secured them with scotch tape for loyalty.
The gag does not exist to prevent a woman from screaming in pain; rather, it is a means of humiliating her, but I wanted to humiliate her.
The next item on the program was her pussy.
Taking a place between her legs apart, as a pathologist at the table with my victim, I stroked my wife’s completely wet slit, noting the texture of freshly-skinned skin and its reaction in which fear, lust and a deep and sincere desire to be used were felt.
After playing a little finger with her clitoris, wetting my fingers slightly with the juice of its depths so that she would stretch her whole body towards me, I turned on the vibrator at full power and pressed it directly to the clitoris.
She moaned slightly.
I began to drive the viewer along its crack, up and down, from the beginning to the ring of the anus, wet from the leaked juices, slightly pressing the vibrating tip into it.
After a very short time, my wife began to respond with soft moans to the rhythm of my actions, and then I stuck a vibrator deep into her open bosom. Sweetyevy1 bongacams.

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