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Excuse me! Accepted, she said getting up, and now I am going home, and you will help bring the heavy bag to the door.
I thought that this was not such a punishment and grabbed the bag with joy, it was really suspiciously easy, but I did not attach much importance to it.
When we left the school, she told me about herself, that she was practicing and was currently studying as a teacher, and they took her to school for half a year because they did not have time to find anyone else and that she would go after this year. in Kiev.
I told her about our class, about the school.
She listened to me very carefully and asked questions about this or that student.
I did not notice how these 20 minutes passed which we walked to her house, she was cheerful, interesting and beautiful. On the way, I caught myself thinking that I was comfortable with her.
We went up to the 3rd floor, she inserted the key into the lock, slightly pushed the door and it opened.
Come in, I’ll give you some tea.
On this day I didn’t hurry anywhere, because my parents were away on a business trip and nobody was at home.
I went into the apartment, it was a standard one-room Khrushchev, everything was clean and comfortable.

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She put a cup of tea in front of me and showed me the candies on the table, help yourself, and I go to the shower for a couple of minutes and then I will join you.
The bathroom turned on the water

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, I sat and waited.
As if nothing had happened, she left the bathroom in one towel wrapped around her body, she smiled at me and sat down next to us, we talked to her for a long time, I had already got used to the fact that a half-naked girl was sitting in front of me.
and how do you have relationships with girls develop? She asked, giving me a playful look.
I hesitated a little, because it was somehow inconvenient for me to talk about girls.
At that time, I already had girls, but it didn’t get any further than kissing.
I replied, looking away.
Is it really? She asked with an even bigger smile.
Yes, is it so hard to believe? No, no, you, you are very attractive and I saw how your classmates stare at you.
I’m curious to know you have had sex with any of them already or not? She seemed to read me, in her eyes was so much confidence and self-control.
I broke down under her gaze, it’s better not to lie to her, I thought, anyway, everyone will find out.
No sex I did not have a virgin, at this moment I tried to look into her eyes so that she did not think that I was very embarrassed about this.
Have you ever seen female genitals? Well seen on TV and in magazines.
She sat down close to me and whispered in my ear. Do not worry, everything will be fine, she took my hand and slowly pulled her to her crotch under a towel, when I touched the inside of her thigh, they poured ice water on me from the barrel, my skin was very gentle and soft when. Free trans cams.

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