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I was literally crucified.
Mila admired my position for about five minutes, after which, with a sly smile on her face, she took lipstick and drew her heart right on my bottom.
In the center of this heart was a ring of my anus.
Mila undressed, turned on the music, slowly dancing and admiring began to play with her budding member.
I watched with all my eyes for her graceful movements and for the spear between her lovely slender legs.
When it was already quite excited and took a horizontal position, Mila took the cream from the shelves and smeared the head and trunk of her dick with it, stood in front of me on her knees and began to tongue tickle my anus, kissing it with her lips.
Smearing my little ass with my saliva, Mila got up, pressed the head of the penis to my anus, and with the words: “Well, what’s a girl? Mommy will now enter your little hole with her penis!”, She abruptly entered my ass.
Having driven her spear into me, she began to drive her hips in different directions, to bend, trying to get deeper into me.
With one hand, Mila held me by the penis, the second by the leg, and began her movements in time with the melody that sounded “Inigma.”
I moaned and moaned with pleasure.
Mila, watching me, talked to me, either to me or to myself: – Yes, girl, yes.
ABOUT! How nice mommy, you have a very tight ass.
Probably Stella has not fully developed it for you, and left me a bit of pleasure.
You do not worry, soon your little hole will be able to take at the same time two members, mine and Stella.

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You know how nice it is to feel when someone else rubs in such a ass about your dick.
You really like serving your ass two mistresses.
Ooh oh oh! Mila’s movements became abrupt, her breathing began to increase, her hand began to quickly jerk off my dick, and now, after a minute or two, we finished at the same time.
Only with the difference that I finished on my chest, and Mila in my ass.
After that, Mila pulled out a Tampax box from a tetiny bedside table, took one pompon and stuck it in my ass.
“That, that from your hole in heat the flow began, sweetie!”, – she laughed loudly at her joke.
Untied me and took my hand for my limp member took me to the bathroom.
On the way, we met Stella.
– Where are we going? Doves
Do you really want to retire from your girlfriend? – she mined in the hands of her limp black dick.
– He missed Vicki’s mouth, I have full sperm eggs and I urgently need to pour it directly into the mouth of this slut.
– Honey, what are you? – Mila answered, – just our little girl can have a heat in the hole (she said, smiling), I put in her pompon and go to wash her in the bathroom.
Hygiene is above all, a girl like our Vic Vika should be clean.
– Well then, let’s go together, Darling.
While you wash her ass, I will clean Vika’s teeth – both friends laughed.
Arriving in the room I was put in a bath on my knees so that I rolled over the side.
Stella immediately put a black monster into the mouth of her swelling beginner, and Mila pulled a tampon out of my anus and began to wash me out of the shower.
The girls were talking about something, laughing.
They mostly talked about how they like to fuck me.
Then I felt

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that Mila put her dick to my anus and entered me.
Now they fucked me in two trunks, Stella in the mouth, Mila in the ass.
Ten minutes later, the girls swapped.
They laughed, moaned with pleasure and threw in my address explanations of love for my particular parts of the body (mouth and pope).
In such a hard mode, I lived another day.
And on Wednesday a bell rang, Stella picked up the phone: – Vera Ivanovna’s house, listens.
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