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– I said slowly.
Olya acted sensibly, and her tongue touched my pussy.
It seemed to me that even a minute had not passed, as I burst into such an orgasm, which I had never experienced before.
Only real sadism can cause such things, no prostitutes, fake torture, and some have not stood.
I washed my face with icy water and returned to my beauty.
2 wooden clothespins took place on her nipples, then I hung another 4 on her sex lips.
– Hire, if you well poured out my ass.
– I said.
– No way! – Suddenly, evil Ol shouted.
– As you wish, be patient.
– I sat on the couch and watched Olya twitching, trying to throw off the clothespins.
It took about 20 minutes.
– Please take off.
– asked Olya.
– Do you agree to work tongue? – I asked.
– Yes.
– Olya cried.
I walked gracefully to the captive and sat on her face.
She sobbed out loud, but she still tried to lick.
It was pleasant not so much tactile, how much moral – this pretty young girl licks my ass, because I ordered her, and she has NO choice.
I was excited and caressed myself.
I tugged at the clothespins on Olya’s nipples, she began to lick even more actively.
“That’s where you got the button,” I laughed.
Then she took pity, got up from her face and took off the clothespins from the nipples, Olya screamed from the sharp pain, and I began to caress the nipples of my captive with my fingers and mouth, then took off the clothespins from her sexual lips, put on a strapon and had about 20 more minutes.
I saw that this action had a stimulating effect on the captive, despite her heterosexuality.
She peeled off Oli, took the key from the bedside table, and undid the handcuffs that held the girl’s hands.
She did not resist when I wrung her hands behind her back and bound her.
Then I freed her legs from handcuffs and tied her so big, so inviting breasts with a rope.

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– Well, please, I do not want.
– Said Olga.
I took her chin and looked into her eyes.
– And I do not care.
– I said, again gagged her mouth and put clamps on a chain on her nipples.
Olya mumbled something, it aroused me, and I began to caress myself, lying on the bed next to the captive.
I saw that the desire to get rid of the hateful nipple clamps and the fear of getting new tortures struggled in her, Olya behaved very quietly, did not even try to escape, although her legs were free.
In any case, it was useless, the basement was locked.
Finally, I removed the clips from her nipples and freed my breasts from the ropes, then took the gag out of my mouth and gave me a drink of water.
– Thank.
– A shaky voice said Olya.
– Stretch your legs.
– I said.
The girl obediently stretched out, I tied her ankles with a rope removed from her breasts, still slightly crushed her charms, then returned the gag to its place.
Probably hey scary, maybe she is praying to some god.
– You must be hard.
– I said, stroking the girl on the head, Olga laid her head on my shoulder and began to cry again.
“What to do, your sufferings give rise to my happiness” – I said.
Olya’s chest, swaying, beckoned me, I pulled the nipples, crushed her breasts, kissed Olya’s neck and face, her body.
Then she put the girl on her stomach on her lap, so that it was convenient for me to spank my beauty.
My palm fell over and over again on her defenseless buttocks, Olya moaned with each blow.
I did not have to persuade her to lick my feet for a long time, it was enough that I stopped slapping her.
She was silent, although I took out the gag, and carefully licked every finger of mine, my heels.
– Good girl.
– I praised the captive, after which the legs began to play with her breasts, squeezing the nipples between my toes, squeezing her charms a little, and caressing myself with my hand to orgasm.
Then we lay next to the humiliated girl, her eyes were red with tears, the ass was red with my palms, and I continued to play with her breasts, sometimes I asked her to play with the tongue with my breasts, she obediently carried out all my commands.
The next issue of my cultural program was intense sexual entertainment for Oli.
I tied the girl with straps to the sex machine in the form of a chair with a hole in the seat, there was a large artificial penis in her pussy, and on the nipples there were clips with wires through which a weak current flowed;
I took pictures for memory, bypassing it from different sides.
Olenka moaned in a gag, I saw that she was excited and even came from constant stimulation.
I made myself a coffee, drank it slowly, enjoying every second, then took off the clips from Olya’s nipples and began to gently slap her palm over her breasts. Bongacams token online hack.

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