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Dilshat sobbed and pressed a hand to her burning cheek.
Then Irka hit her on the other cheek.
– You, bitch, deaf or something? – enjoying her power over the lady, asked the bandit.
– When I ask, they answer me.
– Irka pulled Dilshat to her and tilted so that their eyes were on the same level.
The girl smelled of beer and cheap makeup.
– How do you take your suit, huh? “T-thousand dollars,” Dilshat replied through tears, and quickly added, “jacket and skirt, together a thousand dollars.”
– Blouse? – Three hundred dollars.
– Shoes? – Five hundred dollars.
– You live beautifully, lady.
But now it is ours.
Undress, – ordered Irka.
Dilshat stood as if in a stupor.
Refusing to believe her ears, until the last second she still hoped to leave home dressed.
“Here, fucking fool,” Irka sneered, “with a higher education, but she doesn’t understand Russian words.”
The girl came back and grabbed the captive by the thick dark hair.
She screamed in pain.
“Undress this filly while I hold her,” she told Julia.
She quickly approached her prisoner, took her out, and then quickly took off her jacket, then slowly began to unbutton the buttons on her blouse.
The lady’s face was burning, not only from slaps, but also from shame.
Freeing the lady from her blouse, Julia went to a snow-white lace bra.
Dilshat closed her eyes and received a slap in the answer.
“Look at me, lohushka rich, when I undress you,” the girl hissed angrily.
Out of desperation, Dilshat tried to escape.
This angered the girls.
– Do not kick, bitch.
And it will be worse, ”Irka threatened the prisoner, tying with dirty laces, lying on the floor, the lady’s hands behind her back.
Dilshat stayed in one long skirt.

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Violence Julia squatted down, grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands and began to bully her.
– Girls, darling, what are you doing? At least do not take off the skirt, I beg you, – Dilshat babbled, feeling like Julia’s cold and slippery hand dived under her skirt.

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The girl lifted the long skirt of the captive to the belly.
The lady was very scared when Julia’s fingers felt the fabric of her panties.
And along with the fright, the prisoner experienced intense excitement when the bandit ran her hand between her legs.
– You, cho, bitch, you catch a buzz? – Irka yelled when the lady groaned hollowly.
– Listen, Irka, and this is a topic, if she catches the buzz, maybe she will make us a buzz too! – threw the idea Julia.
– Like this? – puzzled looking Irka at her friend.
– Well, how, how, we will stay! The lady, hearing this, burst into tears.
Dilshat shuddered at the thought of what might happen next.
Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears; she looked at the girls pleadingly.
Irka, holding the captive by the bound hands, grabbed the lady by her hair and ran her tongue down her neck.
– And you, sweet mare! Well what can you do to us.
“No, no, just not that, I beg you,” the young lady cried when the girls sprained her on the dirty floor.
Now Dilshat was lying on her back, her long skirt was pulled up to her hips.
Irka lowered her skirt and swimming trunks.
The girl sat on the face of the ladies.
With a feeling of strong disgust, the captive looked at Irka’s pink and wet crotch.
Bandit sat crotch on the face of Dilshat.
“My, my, my,” the unfortunate captive moaned, feeling unpleasant smells.
Irka rarely followed hygiene.
The girl began to rub the crotch on the face of the ladies.
“Lick me, babe, work your tongue,” Irka said.
The captive groped the excited head of the clitoris with a wet tongue and ran it back and forth.
– Ltd.
oh, what a cool girl you are, ”said the bandit,“ still, still, a little to the right, yes, yes.
After Irka, it was Julia’s turn.
The bandits, satisfied, sat on the floor.
The captive with her hands tied behind her back and her skirt upraised was lying and afraid to move once more.
Tears flooded her beautiful, with aristocratic features, face.
After a rest, the banditas put the lady on her knees.
Irka squatted down.
“You were a good girl today, but I want to see what you wear under such a long skirt,” said the gangster, grinning, and running her hand over her bare breasts.
The lady trembled again, and realized that her humiliation was not over.
The girl undid the button and the zipper on the skirt of the ladies.
The skirt fell to the floor.
Dilshat remained in some snow-white lace panties.
“W-what, you-are going to d-do with me,” the lady mumbled when Irka put her hand inside her panties.
– You like it? – the girl stroked the genitals of the prisoner.
– V-you ob-be because of a pervert, – the lady mumbled trembling with excitement and fear. Best lesbian erotica online.

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