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Putting a member to her priest, I pressed a little, the Natushkin anus ring already developed by my tongue, it became easy to expand and my member freely entered into it to the limit.
I started to fuck her in the ass, slapping eggs on her buttocks.
Natasha, her head down limply, stood with cancer, leaning on the heating pipes, and only jerked with her whole body when I planted her penis all the way.
She made no sound.
She was ecstatic.
Having made 50-60 pushes, I pulled Natasha to me and finished it abundantly in the ass.
Pulling a member out of her, I turned her face to me and hugged me and asked: “Well, how are you, little one?”.
“I love you, I am yours, I will die without you,” she whispered, kissing me on the lips.
She cried.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Tears of happiness
There was another visit by Syavka, I was lying on my side, Syavka was lying next to me behind, his cock was creeping in my ass, one of his hands was squeezing my chest, the other hand was curved in my mouth and I was sucking it.
“I wonder how many times the Spypear discharged his gun into me, probably more than a hundred in all the time,” I thought sadly, hearing the syvkin sniff right in my ear, so he grabbed the earlobe of my ear with my teeth, I internally shuddered, but mine the hand stroked Syavkin’s ass, in response, Syawka moved his hips more vigorously and I realized that the climax was near.
And so it happened, after a short time he finished in my ass, then we lay silent for a while without moving and he took out the fallen member and said that the Marquis would most likely come tonight.
After seeing Syvka, I began to think about what to wear for the Marquis, of course, in men’s clothes, but I didn’t have it, the strictest of my wardrobe was a closed evening dress, a lilac shade, but with a deep neckline, but nothing to do and I got into it , hardly by the way, since the dress tightly wrapped my figure.

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The Marquis came and I was very happy to see him, I jumped to embrace him, but the Marquis was not himself, disheveled and red, he was angry and offended, walked past me and sat in the chair and shared: – Well, what a creature! Just mega bitch! – Who? What happened? I asked, alarmed.
– Margo! She laughed at me! Everything was a hoax! Only in order for me, to write her an olympiad work, and when she got hers, she made me laugh at her company! How the sucker spread! They all laughed there, and she said that I was a sad

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schmuck and that I was a completely dumb moron that I thought we might have something! She said that even the fattest and most terrible girl would not let me – the Marquis lamented: – Now it’s clear why we only kissed once and she didn’t allow me to touch, even touch! I thought she was embarrassed.
and she.
now everyone in the group laughs at me and a “sad schmuck” has stuck to me! So it sucks, even climb into the noose! What a bastard !! I sympathized with the problems of the Marquis, but Margot treated him ugly with him, but she used him, okay, but why humiliate him in front of everyone, now Marquis’s reputation is simply zero.
– Well, never mind, Marquis, do not pay attention and after a while it will be forgotten, and everything will be hockey! – I comforted Marquis, sat down beside him and patting him on the shoulder.
– All women are bitches! Everything! And beautiful women bitches triple! – Marquis could not calm down in any way, but nevertheless, he spoke out and felt better for him.
“Tell Sally, tell me like a girl.”
– here the Marquis saw my changed face and, thank God, he immediately recovered: – No, you are a guy by itself, I am about something else! In the sense that you now understand girls better.
hmm, by the way, you’re really prettier than Margo.
And looked me up and down, I mixed up under his gaze and blushed a little: – Marquis.
the beginning was me, but he interrupted me: -No, well, really! Margot can’t hold a candle! – and then finally the Marquis saw my embarrassment and clarified: – Well, of course not to you, but to your kind, to your image! The Marquis’s friendly delicacy was gone today, but I understood why, he was really badly punished today, and of course he was angry, extremely offended and annoyed.
– Did you do what we agreed on with you? – I decided to go to my secret.
-What? But not yet, in the work yet, I am writing a Trojan for this system.
But soon it will be ready, Sullivan, and I will pull you out.
At first I was upset, and then I realized that I was soon glad: – Thank you, thank you !! – as I chirped and clapped my hands. Porn hq online.

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Crushed, but still not devastated by an orgasm, Kohl rested for a few minutes, and then ordered Zhanna Nikolayevna to completely strip and go into the bedroom.
There, on the wide matrimonial bed, Kohl again passionately seized his adult partner.
The woman lay freely on his back, spreading her beautiful bare hips wide.
First, Kolya again sucked on her legs on both legs of Zhanna Nikolaevna, and then passionately, with loud moans of pleasure, plunged an intolerably protruding member into her vagina.

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He began to fuck vigorously Zhanna Nikolaevna, feeling like a large vagina of an experienced adult woman greedily swallowing up his young forever hungry love organ.
With the stretched arms, the boy rested on the bed and, raising himself above his naked partner, with strong thrusts of the thighs forced all her beautiful, mature body to shudder and sway with the bed.
During copulation, he greedily admired her, feeling proud that he fucked such a beautiful adult woman.
Very soon he experienced a second, even stronger and brighter orgasm.
At the last moment he stuck both palms under Zhanna Nikolaevna’s magnificent ass and, firmly digging his fingers into her soft buttocks, squeezed into a woman by the very eggs, deep into her vagina and discharged with a strong charge of fresh sperm.
Finishing, he blissfully felt, as a bubbling sperm in the woman’s vagina becomes delightfully closely to his swollen, stiff body.
A few minutes later he was still in it, enjoying the extraordinary sensations after ejaculation deep in the female vagina.
Kohl was in Zhanna Nikolaevna, until his member lost his form at all and didn’t shrink.
Then the boy rolled away tiredly.
A liquid pearl trickle poured out of the wet wet lips of the woman directly onto the bed, and immediately absorbed into the fabric of the sheets with oily stains.

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Kohl rested again, admiring Jeanne Nikolaevna’s naked body, caressing her and feeling her delightful forms.
He lay down on her, soaking up the delightful warmth and tenderness of her body, kissed her lips, deeply sticking tongue into her mouth, kissing her pussy, trying to penetrate the tongue as deep as possible into the acidic slit of the vagina, sucked again her fingers on her legs and licked the woman’s round round heels .
Kohli’s indefatigable member sticks out again with an arrow.
Having fun, he made Zhanna Nikolaevna roll over on her stomach.
The lush buttocks of a mature woman heaved two steep hills, riveting the greedy gaze of a boy who seemed to see such amazing beauty for the first time.
Between the buttocks of Zhanna Nikolaevna, a rim of damp, tangled hair stood out from behind.
Investigating, Kohl widely parted these warm lush half-doles, and for a long time with dumb delight looked at a large pink circle of the anus, abundantly overgrown with tight black hairs.
Then Kohl leaned lower, his nostrils trembling, inhaling the pungent aroma of this forbidden hole.
Groaning from pleasure, Kolya closed his eyes and began to greedily lick Jeanne Nikolaevna in the anus.
The tongue penetrated tightly into the supple but narrow opening, Kolya tried to squeeze him as far as possible into the anus of the woman as far as possible.
Then, having licked his lips, he recoiled from the amazing ass of his servile mistress and mentally ordered her to kneel in bed.
As soon as the victim executed this order, Kolya passionately pressed her back to her, forcefully sticking the petrified penis into the deepening of her backside.
Pulling one of the buttocks, Kohl vigorously shoved a member into a narrow hole.
To his surprise and delight, he unexpectedly easily managed to enter.
Kohl groaned again, feeling his cock tightly gripped by hot, soft flesh that throbbed, as if sucking it.
He began to passionately fuck Jeanne Nikolaevna in the ass, feeling that with each strong jerk the member penetrates deeper and deeper.
Buttocks of the woman, for which he held with both hands, were so magnificent that the member was completely hidden between them, Kohl did not see him and could only feel blissfully how he slides in the gut of the anus.
Kohl was no longer holding her ass, he clutched at the woman’s waist with his hands, pulling her tightly to him during each strong push from behind. Indian hidden cam sex scandal.

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What my wife could not understand and forgive me was the regular bouquet of white roses, which I always gave Dorothy personally before the concert or after it.
Technically, it was not difficult, since it never denies autographs to fans and not like other stars is always open for communication.
Subsequently, Doro herself remembered me, two or three times a year, white roses appearing with an unchanging armful, and always with a smile asked me if the roses had not yet transferred to Russia?
So I had a dream – airbrushing on a car with its image, which now needed to be restored – I put a new wing in the service.
Leaving an unfinished picture didn’t allow my vanity — a car that was already visible, thanks to this design, almost the entire City knew.
As soon as I closed this problem, the spouse announced that she was going to Greece with her friends on a two-week voucher.
Usually I am not against such voyages, but they, as a rule, are planned and negotiated in advance.
This time I was just confronted with the fact.
Unable to endure an hour of absolutely unconstructive swearing, I waved my hand – yes, wherever you want it! And Saturday was completely given to the preparation of the departure of his wife.
In spite of our strained relations, to put it mildly, I could not refuse her help.
Although, looking at how meticulously she selects outfits and swimsuits, fussing with cosmetics, I realized with an inner sense that she was not going with friends.
Well, okay.
I am only with a heavy feeling of bitterness and annoyance, I thought it was for the best.
I also want freedom.
In the end, almost a week ago, I had a good feeling on the table with my left woman.
Well, that is, for me already completely not left, but the most expensive and desired.
So what can I demand from my wife.
I decided only – that will return, and talk about divorce.

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During the rest just mature, and the conversation will not be so long and hard.
And I already matured.
And even if it were not for Christina, you still need to get out of this dead end of relations.
It’s a shame and bitter only that we never found the courage to honestly talk to each other when something else could be done.
In place of this, they began to look for something on the side.
– Yeah.
– Go too.
– Well.
– Well.
– I.
– Well.
– Yyy.
– Well.
– Well.
I grunted and took off my pants.
– I.
The death of Delvig was a terrible sign that the last part of the German prediction had begun to come true.
Then I did not understand this yet, but now everything appears significant and complete.
The ring dropped during the wedding and the extinguished candle irrevocably convinced me that nothing good would come of the marriage.
Ultimately, we ourselves predict fate.
In order not to lose heart at all, I consoled myself with the

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anticipation of the wedding night, the first joys of owning N.
and prayed to God to extend them as long as possible in my family life.
Thirst full of happiness attracted me to marry.
It was marriage that seemed to me to be an all-healing cure for my displeasure and longing.
It was an attempt to escape from oneself, but one that could change, having no character, to become different.
was my fatal luck, which I bargained with her mother, donating dowry and making debts.
After the engagement, waiting for the wedding day, I thought of how I would change and how my life would change when I pledged allegiance, for I sincerely intended to abide by it.
I used to have five women a day.
I’m used to the variety of cunt, female habits in fucking and everything that distinguishes one woman from another.
This variety did not let my passions fall asleep, and the constant pursuit of him was the essence of my being.
When I first saw N.
I realized that the inevitable happened.
The desire to immediately possess her was so strong that it instantly turned into a desire to marry.
It has happened to me before, but never with such force, I have never felt such delight from my chosen one.
When my proposal was finally accepted, I, as a groom, managed to stay with N.
I hugged her, and running my hand over my breasts, scratching with my fingernail on the dress there: where the nipples were supposed to be, and soon my nail began to stumble over them.
He blushed, but did not push away my hands, but merely whispered: “Don’t, mom can see.”
Her mother is a decent fuck, angry because, besides the grooms, at the Plain Factory, no one wanted to fuck her. Free pornstar webcam.

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My father and mother resisted for a long time, but it was getting worse and worse.
In the evening of the third day I approached them and told them: – I agree to this for the sake of the salvation of my people.
Do not worry about me, because they are not going to kill me.
By their appearance, I realized that they had already come to terms with it.
All day May 9, I was collecting my things and getting ready.
On the morning of May 10, accompanied by guards, I left the city and went to meet my new future.
Near the ruins of the ancient city, about twenty kilometers from our palace, ogres were already waiting for me.
The guards handed them my belongings and galloped back.
I looked after them and for the first time I cried. Clit cam.

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Who would have thought that this would be the end.
I wonder who ordered me? No, that’s for sure Dima, now he is the general.
Although, maybe Kaban did not like my attitude to his daughter.
Itself, bitch, in front of me twisted that boobs, then ass.
Fool little one.
Well, think about it, squeeze a little bit, and he got so furious.
I almost spit poison and shot with lightning.
So I remember only a dazzling flash of light, and then failure.
Such a black hole in my memory.
I only remember that below I saw the paws and could not understand that they were mine.
Little blacks with white stripes, and if you bend your head, I see my tie.
I don’t know who mocked me like that, whether it’s a god or a devil, but even here I was dressed up in a tail coat, my whole cat’s life is now in a suit and I will walk with a tie. Hidden camera home fuck.

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although no, not quite that, for some reason I thought that he really couldn’t wait to stretch his pants, and start masturbating.
he looked like a preoccupied hypersexual teenager, only the look was not a pimply boy, but a maniac.
until the last stop there was not much, almost all the people came out.
and the maniac seems to have calmed down.
I was glad that today is a sunny day, and I was wearing dark glasses, because people may have noticed that I never take my eyes off of him.

Yes, and with him to meet suddenly looks terribly did not want to.
and through the black glasses I looked into his eyes, trying to understand what was going on in his soul.
the day was quite hot, and everyone was sweaty, but he, when snuffling and puffing, was covered with waves of sweat.
the smell did not reach me in some way so badly unpleasant, but to see it was disgusting.
this thick snotty face, baldness, all in a sticky sweat.
when there were a couple of stops to the final, a guy with a girl entered, a couple of years older than me, 17 years old.

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they sat down next to him.
and he, by that time calmed down, was brazenly turning to the girl, looking at her breasts.
and puffed again.
the boy and the girl got up, as if letting him out of the corner where he was sitting.
and he continued to stare at the girl in a trance.
the guy asked him awkwardly if he comes out.
and then it sounded like a shock, he came to his senses, said no, no, and turned to the window.
a few minutes later, I went ahead of everyone out of the minibus at my final stop.
it was scary, suddenly he would follow me.
having gone 30 meters, I turned around, the remaining people left, he went the other way.
and now the story itself.
Sorry for the long digression at the beginning, it has no practical relation to the future.
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Flirt 888 sex live 13. I sucked, – I squeezed out of myself.
– The part has swallowed, the part has got on the face.
– my face became crimson.
Once upon a time, at the dawn of our puberty, my friend Vera (we have probably been friends with her since birth) and we agreed to tell each other about our first time.
Vera lost her virginity a long time ago, but I could not make up my mind.
After all, I do not want to lie down and unscrew the legs before the first comer.
I want a man to respect you, that I trust him.
I had no such person at that time.
And in the morning what? Once again blow job? Or fucked? – Vera continued her interrogation.
You fucked yourself! – I was almost offended.
– I woke up earlier.
Looked at him, admired.
I wrote a note “Everything was cool, and let it be our little secret.

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Kisses, Varechka.
“And left.
Then she washed and here to you.
Well, you give, girlfriend.
Do you even like the most? Crazy
Faith, such a thing, I now madly want to lose my virginity, – I admitted.
This thought tormented me since morning.
“Do not drift, girlfriend, think of something.”
After such a response, Vera was even a bit scary.
Having walked around the city, of course I went into several fashionable shops, towards evening I returned to the hostel.
With Jura see not wanted.
And thank God, he turned out to be a smart and very courteous boy.
Going into my room, I saw an envelope on the floor.
From him.
“Thank you, Varechka, for a wonderful night.
I still feel your tongue on my head.
Everything will stay between us.
Do not be afraid, I will never even give the view that there was something between us.

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Thank you, Yura.
“And pulled the most ordinary days.
Vera was not announced for a long time.
About a couple of weeks later she introduced me to a guy.
His name was Sergey.
It is not bad.
Moderately pumped up.
I liked him.
And I realized that this is the very “think of something”.
I will not describe our candy and bouquet period with Sergey.
He was courteous, gallant, unassuming.
We hugged a lot, kissed often.
Perhaps I was in a hurry to get used to it as quickly as possible, to penetrate.
To be able to confidently surrender to him.
So this moment has come.
Vera with her boyfriend, and me and Sergey were returning from a nightclub.
Since it was already late, and I would not be allowed into the hostel, Vera called us all to her place.
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Pouring with combustible tears, Rostik silently and guiltily glanced in the direction Vanin’s finger was directed – on the sheet, more precisely, in that place of the sheet about which Rostik blithely wiped his hand at the end of the study, it was clearly noticeable slightly yellowish and quite decent sizing spot.
well, right: there was a lot of this hot liquid, and the stain turned out great.
and again he, around guilty Rostik, had absolutely nothing to say – everything, literally all the evidence was against him, little Rostik! – I wash, – through sobs Rostik promised, – “I wash!” – mimicked Vanya.
– At myself jerking.
got it? – Got it.
I got it.
– little Rostik, nodding his head, could not stifle sobs.
– What did you understand? – Vanya, although he reduced the intensity of exacting severity in his voice, but he was still in the heat of the moment.
– Well! what did you understand? – At home.
I will jerk myself.
– bursting into tears, Rostik standing in front of Vanya in snow-white panties, and Rostik’s shoulders shook uncontrollably.
– And there is nothing to cry! – Vanya felt discomfort and even some emotional discomfort because Rostik was crying, and, in order to end this conversation, he spoke in an edifying tone: – Once again you touch.
And here Vanya said that he did not think at all.
More precisely, he thought to say it, but because of the preliminary non-thoughtfulness of the educational moment, there was a most insidious substitution in the choice of language.
Yes, my highly experienced or, conversely, inexperienced reader! Our great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language is at the same time infinitely rich and multifaceted in its shades and other musical and semantic overtones.

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What did Vanya mean to say? Captured by an unprecedented rise in pedagogy that suddenly appeared, he just wanted to say that he would punish Rostik, and Vanya did not want to say anything more than that! Will punish! But, unwittingly interfering with the educational process, the words from the language of the universal and the language spoken mostly by children of the dusty urban suburbs, Vanya told inconsolably Rostik that he, Vanya, wanted to say to his younger brother, yes, as it turns out, very, very soon , a little not even.
even not at all: – Once again you touch – I fucked you! – said Vanya, a sixteen-year first-year student at a technical college, to his younger brother, Rostik, in a fit of a pedagogical attack.
– Got it? “I fuck you!” – said Vanya.
Of course, Vanya put it figuratively, implying that he will punish Rostik.
Yes, yes, it will punish! And when he, Vanya, said “I fuck you!” – it meant only “I will punish you!”, and nothing more – representatives of the broad masses and other dusty children quite often designate their desire to punish someone, consciously without knowing at all about having sex with a participant in the dialogue.
Consciously – no, not implying.
a – unconsciously? “I fuck you!” So after all, the most courageous and odiously natural representatives of the most dusty urban suburbs say: “I fucked you!” And even Vanya.
Oh, the dark, infinitely dark depths of our subconscious, and – using our great and powerful, truthful and free Russian language, we ourselves sometimes do not understand how he, treacherous, gives us away.
Yes, that’s at least: “Pizda ladies!” – one friend threateningly speaks to his other friend or even just a transitory and generally unfamiliar compatriot, in such a popular and seemingly quite

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understandable way promising to arrange a scuffle, and everyone unequivocally perceives this inconsistent expression as a threat.
and in fact? Isn’t this rather common expression of a verbal and even verbal threat by an unwitting expression of an unconscious desire to get someone’s penis in your anus? Y-yes.
in any case, when in my somewhat reckless and even dissolute youth someone told me this very expression – “I will give you pussy!” – I always clarified, asked again what exactly the speaker meant. Busty spy cam.

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Tearing off her pants with trembling hands, I was convinced of the correctness of my assumptions, she really had no heats.
My dick easily entered her bilge of still-quivering vagina, and we hurriedly moved in, kissing each other passionately.
Guys, what are you ?! It is not good to disappear, leaving me alone, – Anya uttered to us, entering the bedroom.
Seeing her friend’s bare, fast-moving ass, my posture, she understood what we were doing.
Excuse me.
I did not think.
She jumped out of the bedroom without finishing the sentence.
But, I managed to notice a flash in her eyes and the envy that glowed in them.
Tamara was a strange mistress.
She finished two times and refused to continue.
I left the bedroom and saw Anya lying in her bed.
A thin blanket beautifully encircled her steeply towering ass and outstretched legs.
Eerily comfortable for sex position.
My agitated arousal required an exit.
Besides, I remembered the burning envy that gleamed in her eyes when she saw Tamara and I having sex.
In the blink of an eye, throwing off the clothes, I extinguished the desk lamp and lifted the blanket, lay down to the girl.
It seems she was already asleep.
My appearance in bed woke her up, but I did not waste time on foreplay.
Stroking her bare ass, I touched a slit covered with fluffy hair with my fingers.
She was wet, her lips instantly swelled by my touch.
Dont touch me.
I beg you, ”Anne whispered pleadingly, without making attempts to stop me.
My cock touched her wet crack, a little effort and he plunged into the gentle depth of her vagina.
She didn’t ask me for anything else, silently and passionately prying in response to my pushes.

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I woke up in her bed.
Seeing us, Toma condemningly narrowed her beautiful eyes.
Gently getting out of bed, I went to her bedroom and found her at the moment when standing naked, she tried to put on her panties.
Even raised a beautiful leg.
Well, I do not! I was so agile that I managed to catch her raised leg and put it on my hip.
In a split second, my dick burst into her opened crack.
Tamara slightly twitched, but relaxed lowered the

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fluffy head on my shoulder, and breathing intermittently, warmly responded to my efforts.
Like last time, our intimacy was standing up.
I really liked her round ass with strong buttocks.
Dream girl, I gently stroked them, then squeezed tightly.
Inadvertently touching her anus, I felt Tamara shudder and excitedly breathe.
She obviously liked my ass touch.
Wishing to check it out, I shallowly stuck my finger in her ass.
She clung to me and in response put her finger in my ass.
I understood how she felt about it.
Moving my finger in her ass, I passionately fucked a hot-breathing girl.
But if the finger, then why not a member? When she finished, I pulled out a member and turned her back to me, bent low.
She bent and hands spread her big buttocks.
My member tightly entered her ass.
Toma straightened and squeezing the buttocks on the penis, stopped breathing violently.
You feel good? Oh, yes Vitya.
How did you guess? According to your reaction to the finger inserted in the ass.
Who taught you to have anal sex? Older brother.
He persuaded me to agree for a long time.
But, I did not want to, because it is incest.
Then he told me that it can be done in the ass.
It’s so impossible to get pregnant.
I still did not agree.
But one day, after drinking on my birthday, I allowed.
It was very painful, but he really liked it, so I endured it.
Then, gradually got used.
When I got married, I realized that anal sex excites me more strongly.
But, my husband thought it was a perversion.
In his concept, only gays, “Gays”, asshole.
We broke up.
After graduation, I got here.
If you want, I can come to you from time to time.
I really want Vitya.
I like you.
What are you yesterday? I thought you would get everything you wanted from me and leave.
And I will remain to suffer after you, left alone with my desire. Live sex cheat.

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Alexander – somewhere in the zone, I heard that his “cons” were buried.
My grandfather-grandfather died.
And the mother is alive and well, at the moment she is going to her useless mother.
But that’s another story.
Our point is good, the location is in the sense, in the center, in the alleys next to the Patriarch’s.
Nurse, as expected, on Tverskaya stands, directs customers, shows how to drive.
I often take a Vitrina, such as young, slim, we all have such.
Advertising in one word.
And I don’t mind, it’s for me that the most “non-problematic” clients are allowed to pick up, then every second one falls on me.
An hour or two I will stand and drive away by choice.
But: not all carnival.
A week ago, we are standing with the mother, by midnight, it’s time to think about myself.
Then he rolls up, dressed with a needle, sports car, Mitsubishi, like.
-Girl, the best, birthday is mine! Mother pushes me in the side, and he already stared at my chest, a lewd look, how many times have I seen this.
But most of all I did not like that young, with them, students, under the rich daddies, how many of our girls had problems.
And Mamashka already takes money and calms me down: – Look, rich, alone, Moscow rooms, not a thug, what else do you want? She sat up, smoked nervously, but it seemed nothing.
Polite, even smiling, some anecdote told, Igor, they say, is called.
Were in some kind of sleeping area.
The usual thing – a rented apartment in a high-rise building, took the elevator, opens the door.
– Do you really have a birthday? – Come in, I’ll tell you everything now.
I went into the usual iron door, behind it, the door to the lock.
– About birthday – I lied, but there are guests and a gift! And two guys in the hallway from the room, Three pairs of hands clutched – Hooray, The gift arrived! “So, hit, okay, not me first, not me last.
How I felt.

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The main thing – to cope, then we will grieve.
Break out, run – impossible.
Resist – at best beaten.
“- the thoughts pulsate in the brain, for fear of chill on the back.
And I’m already naked, there is nothing to shoot there – a topic, a skirt, panties – one name, the stockings are left true, or I can’t wait so much, or the craving for beauty: Ugh, what nonsense is in my head.
Three members upright.
Igor, apparently, the leader in the company, roughly squeezes his own in my mouth – almost choked, very big.
No, this is no longer a blowjob, this is just fuck in the rock, painfully squeezing his hair, trying to stick as deep as possible.
Well, it happened and that.
Two fascinated looking and pulling my chest.
Next to the sofa, I get up on my knees, spread my legs slightly, but none of them react to this.
Okay, I can handle them, now – Igor.
My hand goes down between my legs and rubs my vagina.
– Oh, you bitch, you like it all !!! – I reached my goal, Igor moved back, and in one motion entered me.
Well, this can not be avoided, I have long learned not to react to any activity of a member in my vagina: Ah, we still shout, – “Get it, bitch! I will beat you everywhere!” Good boy, come on, have it everywhere, but for now I’ll deal with your friends.
One member in the mouth, the other firmly squeeze.
Immediately groaned, think aunt wants you to do more pleasantly: No, they did not guess, you will finish with me now as pretty ones! That’s what I need now and as soon as possible! These members are smaller, and it already looks like a blowjob.
So, rather, rather, in turn, and hand, hand.
So, they already drooled.
Igor didn’t shout from behind, he insistently hammered his dick into me, only slaps of his eggs and moans of this couple could be heard.
It is necessary that they are sure to finish both, a member in his mouth exploded with sperm, his master gasped.
While he is in a stupor, the second member is quickly in his mouth and a new portion of sperm.
Now moan, moan hard and wag your ass.
Yeah, it worked, Igor’s member became even harder, now squeeze the hips a little.
What, you do not want to finish? No, brother, you got there yourself – that’s the jolts, sperm, a lot of warm sperm.
I roll sideways on the sofa.
From cracks immediately begins to ooze,

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so they should, now pour the whole sofa.
ugh, again full of nonsense.
-Where!? – Igor woke up, – Hey, you! Well, fuck her in chorus! Yes, you have finished! Bitch, you want to fool me, will not work !!! – What do you mean, I just can not help myself when there are so many men around: – now the main thing is to pay off the aggression, while I got off pretty easily.
The truth is not worth flattering, so just it will not end.
– She specifically did it! Hidden cam mature sex.

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Not bad.
– stretched, thinking, Vika.
– So, babonki, what would we come up with for her errand? Let the floors clean up, ”muttered Luda, who, according to the duty schedule, had to fulfill this duty today.
Bitch! – burst out of me.
In response, Vika slapped me in the face and said: Apparently for good you do not understand.
Bring a mop here! Tanya immediately brought it, not wanting to please the lady, or impatient to see the show.
So you do not know how to work with your hands, ”Vika hissed,“ just got used to pussy with pussy! Well, work, work.
With these words, they knocked me back onto the bed and began to push my legs apart, obviously intending to put a mop in there.
Please forgive me!!! – I cried.
– Please do not, because I’m still a girl! I promise to behave well, I will do everything, if you do not order, if you want, hit me, just do not deprive me of innocence, I beg you !!!

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Vika lowered the mop: Is it true that the virgin? – sincerely she was surprised – check.
I decided not to resist and relaxed my legs, after a minute of humiliating procedure, Vika pulled her nose out of my lye and laughed: Indeed, the virgin! That no one fucks such a freak like you, huh ?! No, madam, – I ducked.
“Leave me virginity, please, madam,” I pleaded.
Well, I do not deserve it of course, but I will forgive for the first time.
– says Vika.
“But you must wash the floor.”
Choose – tongue or in the ass we put your mop? All the girls evil smiled, I was finally omitted by the need to choose my own humiliation, but it seemed to me that licking my tongue was very unhygienic, and even much longer.
Insert in the ass.
– I whispered.
What? – Tanya mocked.
Please insert a mop into my ass, ”I said loudly.

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Is it your ass then ?! – bellow girls.
Put a mop in my ass, I beg you! – I was already shouting over their laughter, shedding tears.
Okay, I persuaded, “moving away from laughter, Vicka squeezed out of herself,” but I warn you – if you prick you – you fucked with a mop on your pussy, you understand, shitty? Yes Milady! – I portrayed the joy, – thank you Mrs., you are so kind! If you prank too! – someone joked, all of course they began to neigh.
Soon I regretted my choice.
I realized that taking a tooth is just a pleasure compared to this.
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The dick again wetted in water glistens.
I enter it from behind.
Podmahivaet to meet.
Dawn birds chirp, a gopher sniffs a fishing rod cast on the shore, bushes tremble under our pressure.
Her prizes turn into moans.
Throat is tired.
Yes, and I sort of missed a couple of her mini-orgasms.
Time is over, it no longer exists.
Finally, a large wave rolls, already legs in the water lack of cramp.
She starts screaming too.
Probably coincided.
I barely have time to pull it out and finish it for a long time on her buttocks, lower back, back.
For a couple of weeks has accumulated.
Exhausted, I breathe like a fish on the shore and fall into the water next to the hummock.
She, stretching like a panther, slowly slips off the hummocks and sits in the water nearby.
Hugging, relaxed, smiling stupidly.

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The dawn sun, rising above the trees, shines as if only for us.
For about ten minutes we disconnect from everything that happens.
What is your name? – conquers part of the blood of the upper brain, remembering the rules of a decent.
Mermaid, – my frightening swimmer responds lazily, pressing her cheek against my chest.
– And you? Seal.
the seal does not move.
How does it move? Instead of answering, she takes my farm in her hands and starts gently driving her palm along the trunk.
Hands are warm, small waves splash on eggs, blood treacherously leaves the upper brain again.
She apparently forgets the question, I just feel her warm lips and tongue.
The crown of head starts to twitch rhythmically, it is necessary to move forward a bit, now her crown of head periodically hides me from the sun.

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It seems to me, or my wife, about five years older than this mermaid, doesn’t like anything? It was lucky to marry a frigid woman.
Yes, the brain is capable of thinking without blood.
Listless so episodes.
Gathering with thoughts, I rise from the bush and again put it on a hummock.
She knowingly flexes and begins to rub the clitoris with her palm.
Slowly I enter the shriveled little ring of the anus.
The walls tightly wrap, even her thighs tremble slightly.
Come on! Deeper! – She breaks down to scream, stooping to the limit.
This cry rushes over the river and there will be a bull in me.
It turns out that after the army has not forgotten how to execute orders.
“Sink, squish.”
What is it?
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He whispers again and again, and at the very already such a riser,

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that come see! Yazh scoff and say – Now you, and he – Well, that’s all the buzz broke off.
But he does the same with me, and I’m flying.
Yes, that is to say we sin constantly and godlessly, although it is a sin when you love a person.
After all, I asked one doctor when I was in the hospital, so old with a beard and in glasses, about Oleg and me.
He just caught us when Oleg and I hugged.
I have crutches, a leg in a cast, Oleg needs a training session, but we don’t want to leave, but we must, so we hugged goodbye, and the doc goes so quietly that we didn’t notice it.
When they noticed – it was late, he looked at us and said: – Alexey, go to the injections, and then come to the residency room for me! We scattered and I trudged to shots, but it was scary to go to the staffroom room, what will happen there? And that was what it was.
I knocked and entered, having previously plastered into the coffee table, since this room was small and all the objects were friend, on friend.
Surprisingly, such human surgeons who save lives every day cannot give a cabinet for more, just some kind of horror.
The walls are gray, everything is smoked, there are sandwiches and mugs of tea on the tables along with medical records, backgammon on the coffee table, and a bunch of newspapers with crossfords and in the corner, under the sink, is an ordinary enamelled bucket with vodka bottles sticking out of neck and some kind of wine.
Of course, I understand that they relieve stress, but there are so many bottles that they probably do it every day, although I have not seen drunk people in all three weeks that I am here.
Well, what to do, I go, eyes, as it should be in the floor, I say: – Hello, Anatoly Palych.

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He wrote something, apparently hateful to him, as having looked up at me, he threw this paper aside and muttered: – The bastards paused.
As it became even worse for me, he is angry, it means that something is being prepared for me to say, which I will regret for my whole life.
Where to go? Damn, can faint portray as well? But how can he be deceived by him, he’s a doctor – split, and it will be even worse.
Well, thank God, he said: – Will you have tea? I answered – Yeah.
He again: – What are you so scared, sit down and take your crutches away, the conversation will be serious.
I just fell into a chair, and dropped the crutches, they fell with a roar on the holey and torn linoleum.
He again: – Do not shake you, just sit down and tell me what kind of relationship you have with this boy, because he is younger than you ?.
I nodded in the affirmative – he is already 12, and I will only be 15, but what?
– Yes, nothing, I just wanted to know about him.
– his name is Oleg, is he my friend – friend or something more? – more – I squeezed.
– only you don’t think – I began, – and I don’t think, I know everything, I’m not blind, he walks to you every day and you always go to the far corridor to the spare elevator, even a chair was dragged there from the dressing room – but the eldest, Maria Petrovna, allowed me – I know, it is not in the chair that matters – so what? – say Lyosha, do you really love him? – yes – and you understand with him that everything is against your relationship? – and how do you know? – yes, I know, believe me, and I know a lot more that I want to tell you right now. I felt uneasy, I probably even turned pale, because he asked: – are you feeling bad? , give me a pewn tea, feel better, but do not shake so, do not be afraid – the grave is farther from me.
I remembered this saying for the rest of my life, and when I told the boys about it, giving it off as mine, they were simply stunned.
How accurately and ironically said.
– you probably want to know Lesha about your condition, what it is and how to proceed? – Yeah
Uncertainly the guy went to the unfolded sofa.
Has stopped.
Looked around.
I looked at him, naked, and every movement of his muscles – in the back, legs, buttocks – was given in me by bouts of desire.
– How? – asked Gray with a stammering tone.
– How to go to bed? I did not know.
Seryoga became a knee on the sofa.
He bent down as if he were going to lie on his stomach, leaned his hands on the sheet and froze. Good porn online.

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The manager quite loudly on intercom invited Eleanor.
org) And then, after 2 seconds, a girl fluttered out of the darkness, on the body of which there was only a large mesh, which did not cover anything.
There was a kerchief with a red cross on her head.
She immediately began at the neighbor to unbutton her pants, and immediately a member appeared.
This manipulation was so fast that I didn’t immediately realize that she was already unbuttoning her pants and me, next.
But Faya unceremoniously pushed her away and ordered the manager — I would not tolerate the extra women next to my men.
The manager demanded that the girl retire.
And the next moment, and my dick jumped like a spring from tight pants.
Fayechka immediately dick took the whole member down the throat.
But she didn’t have to catch up with my dick, because she just suddenly freed me from the trousers, but also quickly took off my pants with shorts from one manager and another manager.
The neighbor, meanwhile, took off his trousers and shirt.
Yes, and managers too.
And I, almost dressed family friend, Faya and continued to suck dick.
In the meantime, the frames went on as one of the managers fits, then one eb-machine, then another, and the second manager, meanwhile, lets my famene sperm on my face.
On the very same Fay on the frames of the photo frame it can be seen that only this belt is out of the clothes.
Next, we looked at the exhibits and looked at the photo frame, as there in the pictures she takes in her mouth the fucking machine being strapped in shackles and already with white stockings, and another manager pulls her straight into her pussy.
At the same time, he pulls out anal balls from the Fanzili ass.
The managers themselves are asking Fi to comment on the moment when she gets orgasms.

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But surrounded by four fuckers, she manages this with difficulty, since some of the managers have been fucking her for a long time in a pose of cancer.
Therefore, the second manager, without waiting for an answer, comments that during the three-hour photo session today we took 300 shots and only three times recorded moments of Faiy’s orgasm and four times when we dropped into Faechka ourselves.
It is all 7 items on which this happened to us, and put up as a commodity – LIKE PEOPLE.
Photos flashed on which Faya, either in one corset or in another erotic costume, receives either a living member or a dildo.
And on the frames when Fai has an orgasm the article of that phallus on which she happened and the article of the costume on which it happened is highlighted.
At the same time, one of the managers boasted that it was precisely on these products that an accidental visitor had drunk his sperm literally an hour ago on the skirt of his wife, in which she entered the store.
It will be necessary to build a frame with a little casual visitor on this skirt built into the photo frame – the managers communicated somehow in a business-like manner.
And at the same time, letting my neighbor ask Faye: “As a husband, do you leave this exhibit — the clothes your wife came in to us — let the deparings continue to accumulate on her and the next visitors too?” But at this moment I was fucking my Faechka with cancer.
And the second manager showed me how anal balls come in and out.
This is an amazing sensation – to feel anal balls moving back and forth in a pope with a dick that fucks a woman in pussy.
The manager abruptly pulled anal balls out of Fakechka’s ass, and I immediately began to drop it straight into my pussy.
At the same time, my neighbor joined my wife’s mouth and, following the first one, the manager became another portion of sperm to fill my wife’s mouth.
At the same time, the manager continued his question: well, leave all the clothes of the ladies in our room, even if others watch a photo session and lower it directly onto the skirt.
After all, we will sell more goods in the same way.
Here is the stuck! Everyone has an orgasm, but he is still waiting for answers.
Although the answers so and so fell from the mouth of the neighbor and from the mouth of the Fanzili – YES YES YES !!! Just do not stop, stronger-stronger, still boys.
Let’s quickly insert the next boy, I beg you.
Faster – faster dolby me.
Apparently, Fanzili is blowing the roof off.

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The cat moaned louder, puffed harder and stronger, and the hero put his head on the penis more and more rapidly.
Ahhhhh! – the heroine issued a hoarse, loud cry and a huge amount of sperm hit Spider in the mouth.
He was unable to stop everything, he sucked and sucked at the falling member of the Cat and drank her sperm, he caught himself thinking that her taste was beautiful.
At the same time, he intensely jerked off his cock and now he finished but did not stop sucking Cats’ cock.
She stroked his head and smiled, looking with grateful eyes at what he was doing.
After some time, the Cats member got up and she already wanted to tell the hero that he would stop, that’s all, they are now quits, but he said “Cat, I want you to fuck me.
The heroine was very surprised.
Chek-What? I misheard? S-No, I want us to pay off.
Spidey pulled his pants and lay down on the ventilation system standing on the roof, the Cat put his feet on his shoulders and pressed the member on his hole and slowly pushed him inside.
A member oiled with saliva and sperm easily entered the anus of the hero.
He moaned all the time while the Cat introduced a member to him in the anal.
When the hero got used to a member in his ass, the Cat began to make forward movements, Spider biting her lip began podmahivat ass to meet her member.
A member came in and out. The cat moaned with pleasure and kept Spiderman on the dick more and more quickly.
The hero groaned with pleasure, from his member began to push the sperm but it was not an orgasm, but only the beginning.
Spidey caught himself thinking that he behaves like the last New York whore, but still he does it largely because of his love for the Cat.
And here came the climax. The cat thrust more and more deeply into her penis, a hoarse moan came from her throat.

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Spidey whined like whores in porn that he watched when he was a novice superhero.
More often and often, more and more often and now a jet of sperm struck the hero’s anus, the Cat lay down on the ventilation next to Spaydi, her eyes were full of satisfaction.
A member of the Hero has cast a huge amount of semen.
The spider got up from the ventilation, sat on his knees next to the Cat, spread his legs and again began to suck the dick this time along with the eggs, but not forgetting about the beautiful crimson head, he kicked his cheek and smacked it with pleasure as once was one of his university girlfriends sucked his coursework, in truth, being a rare whore.
The member got up again and the Cat again finished in the insatiable mouth of the hero.
Chek-Akhhh, nobody gave me such pleasure before.
I’m glad, but now it’s time for us to break up.
I can’t wait to meet again.
Chek-haha, me too.
And can I sometimes call you a slut? S-Yes.
Chek-That’s great.
The heroes brought themselves into a more or less attractive look and went home.
“It’s magic, Hermione,” Ginny said sadly.
She had heard about the size of the domovik members before, and now she was more worried about

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the fact that she and Hermione due to this peculiarity still face another heavy rape.
“The young naturalist in you woke up surprisingly in time, Granger,” said Malfoy.
“You don’t even know such simple things about little houses — well, now you will get to know them better from the new side.”
They are yours, my freaks, ”he nodded to Pervert and Montgrel.
Pervert jumped up and hung on Hermione’s face, clinging to her brown curls and wrapping her legs around the girl’s neck.
Nearby, a wrinkled Mongrel carcass also saddled Ginny’s head.
The gryffindor shrieked, a sour, stale smell struck their noses.
Hermione and Ginny understood one more thing about the houses — regular bathing was clearly not part of the life rules of these creatures.
Draco locked the door and put in a muffled spell.
He left the slaves to the little houses and walked over to the stunned Tonks, saying: “Enerveite!” Petrificus Totalus! Tonks eyes widened.
If people killed with a look like basilisks, Malfoy would die on the spot a thousand times.
But one glance is not enough, and Tonks almost could not move a single muscle.
Malfoy jerked off his robe, leaving the pink-haired girl completely naked.
He turned her back, with lust looked at her toned slim body, squeezed elastic boobs, felt sharp poisonous pink nipples under his palms and slid his fingers below – to a strip of pink pubic hair, to the vagina and anus. Real sex caught on camera.

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Am I not suitable to give birth to your child? – Natashenka, I’m ashamed to say, but after being wounded, I cannot lie down on you and the member will not rise.
She looked with devoted eyes: – Nothing, I will help you.
Come on, go to bed.
I will do everything myself and sit on top of you, I will not disturb your wounded shoulder.
I lay down.
Even asked to remove the pillow.
When the body lies flat, the wound does not bother at all.
Helen between my legs is located, took a limp member in his hands, rolled it between the palms, stroking it.
So far no effect.
She moved the foreskin, took the head in her mouth and began to stroke her tongue.
The feeling is pleasant.
I feel my jigit move.
While Lena was doing this, I thought.
I remembered when the most likely to get pregnant comes.

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Lena took the head in her mouth and began to stroke her tongue.
– Lena, come off.
Tell me, how many more “dangerous days” do you have? Has let out the risen member from a mouth.
I thought about it.
“Four more days, that’s for sure.”
All right, I think.
In a man, the amount of sperm sufficient for fertilization accumulates in two days.
So Thursday is today and Sunday.
And if you are not lucky, repeat it in a month.
And Natasha did not go under me on Sunday.
Let him caress me till I get stuck.
He stroked Lenochkin tithechku.
She took it as a command to ride me.
It stands on my lap.
The hips are wide apart, the intimate folds of the lower lips protrude between them.
Very much this kind of provoke me.
He put a healthy right hand on her pubis, stroked short hair.
– Sit down – I say.

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She went down and took my jigit to the very bottom.
And I suffered a healthy hand from the pubis to the buttock.
When she rises, I squeeze the buttock.
When down, then let go.
Strongly squeeze, would not instruct her bruises on the ass.
But she probably will not be offended, she will still be proud of such bruises.
A girl uchilochka jumps on me, a child gets herself.
Started backward to move back and forth.
The moan has become, howls even.
And I’m at the limit.
Everything is forgotten, and the wound and pain in the shoulder.
Dzhigit my stake is inside her.
And I shot her all accumulated.
Gave her up, go down a few more times.
Then he grabbed his breast and pulled him tightly to him (and here a bruise can turn out).
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She had to neutralize me by making an accomplice to the crime.
Moreover, I would be more guilty – because I was cheating on my wife, and she did not cheat on anyone.
I knew which question was spinning in her tongue – would I tell everything to Lena.
But I knew that she would never ask.
“You are very beautiful, Olga Nikolaevna,” I continued, quite sincerely, impudently gazing at her small, slightly drooping, but still attractive breasts and delicious smooth pubis.
– Thank.
Since you are excited by my fault, maybe I will fix it? she asked with some challenge.
Therefore, she is trying to seize the initiative.
No, dudki! – In what way? – Well, since I attract you as a woman.
– she was not going to finish the phrase.
Instead, she gracefully approached, knelt down and slowly began to unbutton my pants.
“Well, that will be kind of you,” I agreed graciously.
And in my soul a fire raged.
Not only did I cheat on my wife for the first time in my life, and I also did it with her own mother, who was almost twice as old as me! Not only that – I did this in front of witnesses, because a frightened soldier appeared from the bedroom and was wrapped in a sheet to the death.
“Slavik,” I said in the tone of the commander, “quickly to the shower and back.”
Got it? The poor fellow did not understand anything, except that you should not argue with me.
Meanwhile, the mother-in-law, clasping my quite strong member with two fingers, very skillfully licked the head and touched the tongue to the bridle.
From the way she mischievously looked at me, it was clear that now she considers the incident completely settled.

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By the time the washed Slavik returned from the shower, she was fully in the taste.
His head went back and forth, smacking and moaning from his throat.
Looking at Slavik, I casually showed him to her wide hips and nodded approvingly.
She did not see this, but when the soldier began to refuel his cock (very impressive, by the way) between her buttocks, she did not stop moving for a second and only spread her legs wider.
Forcing her to make love with two at once, I only aggravated her guilt.
Now she, too, would never tell her daughter about what happened.
Poor Slavik began to have her without enthusiasm, cautiously looking at me.
Most likely, he suspected, but did not know exactly what was in front of him – the son-in-law of her mistress.
Well, his fear was good for me.
Wanting to verify that it continues to remain completely in my power, I said briefly and imperatively: – Eggs.
She did not need to explain.
With difficulty rejecting the penis to the stomach, she gently took in my mouth my left hairy ball.
Wow, and it can! Ay, good job! I wonder if there is a kind of sex that she doesn’t know? Nothing else to know! I didn’t take sexual stamina, I always finished Lena later, and now I wanted to show my mother-in-law that her daughter had got a skilled lover.
Seeing that lust caused Slavik to get rid of embarrassment, I patted her on the head and said: – Roll over.
For the first time in my life I turned to the mother-in-law on “you.”
She had not claimed to be the head of the family before, and now she seems to have completely fallen into my submission.
I continued to sit, she sat down on my dick, while her mouth went now along the member of Slavik, who could hardly stand on his feet, sticking to the edge of the table.
Hugging the mother-in-law by the hips, I first examined her pubis.
Got her hair, she seems to be a few hours ago, otherwise there would have appeared at least a small, but bristle.
So, she knew in advance that Slavik would come, and it was not a spontaneous rush.
It is clear that she turned our house into a soldier’s brothel a long time ago.
All movements she performed deftly,

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skillfully and smoothly.
What am I in the end? When was the last time I had threesome sex? It was.
No, so many do not live. Order dildo online.

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Hoping for an experienced Slavka.
“Well, we will not wear it.
So we put under the blanket, naked.
Come on, help.
“With all possible care, we pulled a blanket and blanket out from under Natasha’s mother.
Then they laid her plump body more comfortably on a wide bed.
“Lay on the side, not on the back.
And then suddenly vomits in a dream.
Drunk! So as not choked vomit.
“- Slavik authoritatively instructed us.
Olga Viktorovna was carefully covered with a blanket.
The cover from the bed was purposely carelessly

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crumpled and slid down on the ottoman at the bedside table.
A blouse, skirt and bra “picturesquely” scattered across the bedroom in pursuit of shoes, pantyhose and panties.
Looked around.
It seems everything – nishtyak.
But suddenly Slavka left the bedroom and returned with a glass and two bottles of champagne.
One was empty and the other half full.
He put the glass and half a bottle on the bedside table right in front of the sleeping woman’s nose.
As they wake up, the first thing they see.
And I put the empty bottle “artistically” on the floor near the table, such as it was accidentally dropped.
“I wake up, I’ll fucking want to get sober.
Her shampuz “old yeast” will fall and it is ready.
She is again under the shofe! You look and will not remember today’s adventures! “- Slavik said with a motivated vivacity.
However, there was no confidence in his voice.
It was clear that he was “pissed off” no less than ours, but he was trying to hold on.
Well, they did everything they could to cover up the traces of the crime.
Turned off the lights and left the bedroom.
Out of fear, again, somehow without saying a word, we all suddenly found ourselves in the kitchen.
They drank more vodka ryumah that would drown the damn fear.
It worked.
It became somehow easier.
It was time to “throw” until Natasha returned home.
When in the evening they were escorting the crowd to the nightclub, the keys remained in the doorway.

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But we will come out, and then how to close the door on the other side without a key? Fortunately for us, one of the locks slammed shut.
Last viewed the entire apartment.
It seems everything is clean.
The room is aired.
Removed from the table.
Dishes washed.
Yes, it’s time to “throw”! Turned off the light in the apartment, went out and quietly slammed the door.
It was already three in the morning.
At the entrance, of course, no one was met.
But they left the entrance one by one and immediately dispersed in different directions.
I’m not far from home.
I wandered through the city and thought: what asshole I am in! Good walk on March 8! Here’s a present for the mother: a drunk 16-year-old son is home in the morning.
With a fingal under the eye that Slavaik put me when he “charged me on the scoreboard.”
My dad is a kind man, but a man with character.
And I was afraid that he would put a fingal under my other eye.
For symmetry.
But all this was utter nonsense, compared with what was waiting for us, if Olga Viktorovna remembers what we did with her and how !!! And yet, in spite of the bitterness and fear in my drunken head, there was a small pleasant thought that I finally finally ended up not in a fist, but in a very hot and slippery hole.
In a supple female body, which lay with her legs apart beneath me! Soft! Chubby! Juicy! Oh, fuck-ah! How the hell!
For a friendly conversation, once in heaven, God and Satan sat, and suddenly they argued, whose feminine ideal Is more beautiful and sweet, whom the best poets sang at the court of heaven, when the spirit of grace flew above them.
God was glad to be the first to present his creation unearthly.
“Look, innocence itself without diapers will now appear.
“- He said Satan, a charming young creature entered – A young, fragile, tender girl, I would even say a child.
A long-legged blonde with gorgeous long hair, A statuette with a slender figure, an elastic chest young, With bottomless, like heaven, with deep, blue eyes, She beckoned to herself like a stream in the heat of her icy water.
Ah, what an ephemeral creation, on it is translucent silk; the Subtlest, which did not cover the beauty of a lovely flower.
She is like a defenseless lamb, and the Devil is like a wolf, He, exposing the virgin beauty, clothes tore off everything from her.
From his rough touch, her body occasionally trembled, Her hands slid over his back, glaring with thin fingers, With lips she sat greedily at the mouth of Satan’s mouth, drawing moisture to Her tongue, sweet, never untouched by boys.
She whispered to him in a voice trembling with excitement and passion: “Oh, innocent and charming maidens, a voluptuous lover! Asian model anal.

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If you are engaged in this craft and besides positioning yourself as a bottom, violence should be treated calmly.
He finished Alina straight in the mouth, it’s good that he was not in the throat.
When Sergey let go of the girl’s hair, she spat out the sperm right on the linoleum.
The second slap was much more palpable.
She had to lick sperm straight from the floor.
It obviously did not bring her pleasure.
Sergey pulled out the handcuffs prepared in advance and chained Alina to the wall.
Then I pulled out a large and rather thick rubber member (I do not remember the diameter exactly, but the length was about 22 centimeters), smeared it with gel and handed it to Sergey.
He began to slowly insert it into the point of Alina.
The girl moaned loudly, but the vibrator, apparently, did not cause her much inconvenience.
Having vibrated for about five minutes, Sergey handed it to me, and he again grabbed our sexy toy with one hand by the hair, and the other inserted a half-asleep dick into her mouth.
I continued to rape the ass in the ass.
What happened terribly turned me on.
I had to jerk off again the clitoris, to relieve serious stress.

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Without finishing, Sergey took his dick out of the girl’s mouth and urinated on Alina’s head.
Then he opened the handcuffs and released the beautiful beauty.
Before leaving, the individual student took a bath and washed the floor of the room

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before washing.
Sergey generously thanked her.
Having read stories here on the chair, the last time constantly wildly overexcited.
Usually, working time was somehow differently killed in the world dump, but somehow I switched to reading.
A lot of interesting things are published here, after which you can even imagine all sorts of things.
from this excitement only grew with each passing day, and I was already acting like a maniac.
in the street, he looked at all the passers-by of the female as potential victims.
scrolling with the possible options for the situation.
and each time in these fantasies I didn’t go very far, weighing all the possible nuances, I realized that at best I’ll take to the police, and at worst I’ll be torn to pieces by a crowd of angry people.
I stopped sleeping at night, thinking everything over, as if preparing the crime of the century.
but it always ended in the imminent failure of a mission.
but one day everything turned out completely spontaneously.
that hot summer day I came back from work, I went in a minibus.
there I saw my future sacrifice.
it was a girl, 10-11 years old.
before that, I did not notice the attraction to the little girls, but as soon as I saw her sitting opposite, my mouth immediately became dry in the mouth, and my temples pounded.
I realized that I wanted her, as much as I never wanted anyone. Webcam anal fingering.

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The guys were all exhausted, but still not sobered, so they refused, and I went to Catherine, pretty excited by their story.
I was in some swimming trunks.
She lay naked on the bed in the same position in which the children had left her, in the room there was a thick smell of sperm and sex, and I opened the door wide open and opened the window.
Cool air from the sea flew into the room, and Katerina opened her eyes.
At first, she frightenedly covered her nakedness with her hands, but when she saw my cock sticking out of the trunks, she understood everything and calmly watched what I was going to do with her.
– Katya, can I fuck you in the ass, I asked as gently as possible.
At that time I was already sitting on the bed next to her and stroking her crotch from behind, not forgetting about the anus.
Between her legs she was wet and sticky, her ass was so well oiled, but I didn’t want to be distracted and go for my cream.
Katerina was silent and stroked my cock through swimming trunks, then I threw them off and climbed on top of her.
She appealed otklyachila ass.
Dick entered her hole with a single maha and I jumped on it, then plunging it over the most eggs in the roast inside Katya, then pulling it almost completely.
I grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples, she moaned with pleasure, then asked me to lift her ass, so I fucked her with cancer, and talked to me exclusively with these indecent expressions.

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It was so unusual to hear from the mouth of an unfamiliar woman such words that I was even more excited.
I came out of her hole and lifted my ass up to the waist, she spread her legs so that my knees fit between her legs.
– Anton, can you take him completely out of me, and then plant him deeper? Me so husband fuck and I like it a lot.
I imagined what would have happened to my ass if Kostya had fucked me this way today.
I obeyed her will.
The slightly parted hole was located exactly opposite to my dick standing and shining with all kinds of discharge.
I tried, without using my hands, to immediately plant her deeper, and I did it right away.
Then I parted her buttocks with my hands and leaned on a mature woman’s butted ass.
With sweeping movements of the pelvis, I then pushed my dick by the very thing I couldn’t into her widening hole, then completely took it out.
My balls beat on her wet pussy with a sweep, making a squishing loud sound.
– So, like this, fuck me, fuck like this, please, tear up everything there, I love it so much when I get fucked in the ass, she started a pre-orgasmic song.
One hand fumbled along her crotch, massaging her clit and climbing all five into the vagina.
Through the thin partition, I felt like she was even trying to grab my dick, though she didn’t succeed.
I learned to control my orgasm a long time ago, then restraining it, then bringing it closer, so I had to take a few seconds to throw out everything that I had accumulated in her rectum after she had convulsed.
She finished cool, my dick was massaged by her butt all over, she cried for the last time and fell on the bed, shamelessly spreading her legs.
The hole of her ass, ruined by me thoroughly, the size of a five-kopeck coin, pulsed and my sperm flowed from it, one of her palm was tucked halfway into the vagina

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, and the second clutched in the nipple of the right breast with a death grip. Elikababe bongacams.

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