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And so, one of the young people began his story.
Together with two Christian brothers, I owned a large settlement in the province of Herat.
Day and night they thought how to select the half of the village belonging to me.
Thirty thousand dinars of pure gold they offered to me, but I did not agree.
Once I went hunting.
The Christian brothers arranged a treat in my honor in that village.
When we sat down to enjoy the hookah, the musicians began to play the old harragj motive.
The young dancers came out and started performing the dance.
In this dance was passion, love, struggle.
There were eight boys and they disappeared one by one, as if defeated in the fight, until two of them remained.
These two danced sparkingly in translucent robes, shimmering in a unique color, their arms and bodies were naked and attracted the looks of mature men.
Through the translucent yellow clothes, the outlines of their love tools were guessed.
The dance ended unexpectedly, the young men fell and froze, the music stopped, none of the two won, the two dancer guys lay in complete silence.
On their bare backs with henna were written letters.
I looked with delight at the dancers! My eye was caught by one of the brothers, he immediately ordered the guys to appear before me.
They jumped up, ran up to me, kissed my hands, and fell down.
I began to examine their backs, trying to understand the meaning of the inscription.
I was alone with the young men, truly they were beautiful and adept in love, but, having satisfied my lust, I felt disappointed and again saw the inscription.

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Well, you will have the gold and silver of the whole world, friends, power, the most beautiful beauties and skillful lovers – so what? Anyway, it’s nothing.
¦ Friends really liked this instructive story.
But I will tell on the condition that you try to learn a lesson for yourself.

“Tell, listen,” his fellow travelers encouraged him.
Once in a good mood, I walked past the castle of Omar beni Yusuf.
Opposite the castle was a house.
It was very hot, I undressed and began to swim.
My body rested under the cool streams of the house, enjoying the coolness and freedom.
And in the castle, Omar was visited by Asker-Bashi Niez, the most powerful commander-in-chief of the Khanate, there was no such strong war in the whole world.
He rested on the roof of the castle, after another victory over the infidels, and the enemies of the padishah Omar, he suddenly saw me and not one, but one hundred hearts fell in love with me, but, like a true proud warrior, showed no appearance.
From the roof he threw an apple.

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It fell beside me, I raised it to my haunches and began to eat, all the while looking at the roof of the palace.
I saw a small door, behind it stood this strong and invincible warrior.
He was in a simple dressing gown, but how much power and greatness was in his eyes! I was captivated by his imperious gaze, the movement of his thick eyebrows, blood began to boil in me, and I passionately wanted sinful intimacy with the hero and the winner of hordes of infidels.
I stood up and stood dazed for a while, and when I woke up, Niezbay continued to stand in the same place, smiled and stroked his mustache and beard with his right hand, and left his robe, or rather that robe, under which is what makes a man valuable, in the eyes of people.
He did not understand then that I was ready to surrender, besides, I was without clothes, and I was very embarrassed by the feelings overwhelming me.
I covered my genital organ with my hand.
As if the roar of thunder sounded his velvet voice: – What is your name, young man? Webcam nude young captures.

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