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Sometimes the blows hit Tanka on the cheeks, but she continued to lick my point.
I redoubled my efforts, and soon the hostess cried with a cry, shaking all over her fat body.
– Oh, damn, as well.
I finish today just fucking! – and pushing away my wife and I, I got up and stretched.
“But I haven’t finished yet,” said her husband.
– And this fagot razdrakonil me with his fucked.
– Well, so damn him the ass, dear.
Moreover, his little wife has already prepared him with her own language.
It’s time to go.
And I will take care of our pig.
It was true: Tanka so grieved my ass with my tongue that I was ready to accept anything there and quickly.
The owner put me on cancer and, without prefaces, planted my huische for me with the most eggs.
It was a thrill.
Tanya and earlier fucked me in the ass, and much more big dicks, but lively hot dick in

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the ass is an indescribable feeling.
Meanwhile, Mrs. went to my wife, who was lying on the floor, kicked her foot in the ass and asked: – Well, animal.
What do you still have? – Mistress.
– Tanka coughed and spoke, – I was not beaten on tits and ass.
– How? You fucked in the ass! – and kicked her again, this time on the boob.
– Fucked my hollow, Mistress, but still no ass.
– Then we will fix it now.
Let’s go to the hook.
– and dragged Tanka by the hair to the rope hanging from the hook.
There, the hostess, with one end of the rope, tied my wife’s hands behind her back and pulled the other end, until Tanka stood on her chicks, almost suspended by twisting her arms.
The leash is also secured from above, so that Tanka could not lower her head.
Her ass was open for execution, her boobs were dangling and they also almost asked to vyebal.
Then the hostess attached clothespins to Tankin’s labia and hung all the same weights on chains.
Pussy pulled down, and again rang tinkling weights.

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– This is the position I like.
But one part is missing.
Stick out your tongue, creature! – Tanka instantly opened her mouth and stuck out her very long tongue.
The hostess attached a clothespin to the tongue and connected it with a cord with clothespins, put on her pussy.
Now my wife could not hide her tongue and shake her head; this caused her instantaneous severe pain both in the tongue and in her pussy.
Saliva spilled from Tankin’s mouth.
– Now you can proceed to your ass.
Consider the blows, fagot.
Before the New Year, Anton acted completely like a man.
That is, like a brute – having surrendered the session ahead of schedule, he drove home to the very beginning of the next semester.
And, if in terms of sexual pleasures, I treated Katina with help, then my plans for the New Year itself turned out to be a complete mess.
After all, I was hoping to spend the holiday with my beloved, and therefore rejected all other offers.
Even my sister – and she left the countryside to her friends.
So it turned out that I was completely alone! – You think what to do on the New Year? – Katya asked me, who always surprised me with her ability to read my thoughts periodically.
“Well, yes,” I nodded.
– How did you guess? – That’s what I and your beloved sister! – the girl laughed, jokingly snapping my nose.
– Want to – come with us? – Where? – To Kristinka to the country.
Sit by a modest company – me, you, Kristinka and Alenka.
– No guys? – I was surprised.
“No boys,” my sister confirmed.
– So what? Do you necessarily need someone’s member? “Not at all,” I blushed.
– I agree.
In the afternoon of the thirty-first day, Christina, as the only owner of a car from our entire company, began to gather guests around the city.
When she came for us, Alyona — a modest-looking blond girl — was already sitting with her in the car, but if at least half of the stories Katya told are true about her, then in fact Alyonka is a bad girl, worse than me! With dark-haired Christina everything was written on her forehead – what bread she takes with two fingers, and for her penis – with two hands.
Christina shoved other road users, as if she were driving at least a dump truck, and not a small sedan, and at the same time managed to comment on passersby: – ??Oh, girls! Here’s a mess! How can such hats be worn? – No, well, look, that’s a fool, eh! I would not wear such a bag with such a fur coat in my life! – Would you wear such crooked legs? – Alyonka, sitting next to her friend, elatedly.
– Fuck you! – Christina growled, and immediately added: – I definitely wouldn’t have put on such a skirt with such crooked legs! That was how we left the city, swept a little more, and the girl turned into a cottage village. Watch tv sex online free.

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