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Svetlana left, without saying a word, showing with all her appearance that from now on it should be so.
After flushing, I headed to the bathroom and washed, still struggling to recover.
Svetlana royally sat in the chair, waiting for me.
What is a baby, your attractive face does not look happy! – Mrs. gently spoke, after which, with a graceful gesture, she pointed her finger at the floor beside her.
– On knees! I went down to the indicated place, sadly looking at the floor.
You did not like to wash my wonderful pussy in the toilet? Do not you want your lady to always be clean and beautiful, and a hare? Answer me! I want a lady.
– I answered quietly.
You see now.
Do not worry kitty, soon you yourself will jump in front of me, you will run to the toilet and wait for your mistress to deign to pee! – Svetlana smiled.
– I promise you this! And remember, my crotch should always be clean and shining.
And this is your direct responsibility and care, understand? So stop hanging your nose, you will lick and wash me when I want, period! – She raised her voice a little.
Svetlana was able to speak convincingly, combining affection and hardness.
And if she decided something, then I still had no choice, and it will be exactly the way she wants! Sorry madam! – I apologized, shortly looking at his relentless queen.
Henceforth, so that I no longer saw such an acidic physiognomy, of course! – Svetlana, was pleased that once again convinced and broke the will of his meek slave.
– Look, do not you think that my legs are not polished enough.
Well, where is your tongue?
come on, go ahead.
I didn’t have to repeat twice, bending down, I began to diligently lick her beautiful legs.
Svetlana, bowing her head, watched smugly for a while.

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Like this.
good boy! – she smiled.
– Such a glorious tongue.
And your ass, battened ass looks so beautiful.
– she laughed.
I was not thinking about how I looked, because I had to diligently do my job.
It means so.
– Began to give instructions Mrs.
“I’ll go to the city now, scatter, go shopping.”
You will stay here.
Prepare dinner and clean up the room.
I nodded slightly, not tearing myself away from her legs.
Enough! Go to the hallway, and while I dress, prepare my dark shoes, they should shine! Got it? I said that my shoes are one of your main responsibilities.
Go live! I went to the hallway, and once there, I sank down on the floor and began to diligently lick now the shoes of Svetlana, who were already clean.
Five minutes later, Mrs. came out.
She was gorgeous.
Without looking at me, Sveta pulled on her legs shoes that I licked, and went to the mirror, becoming tidy herself before going outside.
I watched this woman brewed.
Did I really say you can stop licking? – Svetlana slightly bowed her head, squinting at me.
– Come to the foot! It was necessary to resume the interrupted case again while the woman was preening.
Everything! Go away! – Svetlana slightly pushed me with her leg.
– I went.
If I linger, and you will do everything, as I ordered, I must wait on this rugs, okay? All do not miss the baby, I went! When the door closed, I was still sitting on the floor, listening to the ringing sound of her heels at the entrance.
But there was no time to sit around while Svetlana was walking, I needed to do a lot of things, for which I immediately began.
Svetlana was absent for several hours.
When the bell rang, my heart began to beat faster, in anticipation that I would see my mistress again, and I would have to fulfill all her wishes again.
What so long? – she muttered with displeasure when I opened the door, letting it in.
– Uh.

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Something I’m even tired.
You had to take you with you so that you would carry bags.
In her hands, Svetlana brought two black bags that were filled.
Wonderful city, so many beautiful places! And such men.
I was now alone on a taxi! – She said, putting the packages on the floor.
– Do not touch them without permission! Well, did you do everything that I ordered? Did you miss your mistress, baby? Yes, I did everything.
I missed you so much! “I crouched in front of her on the floor, ready to cling to her legs at any moment on command.”
I see! – smiled woman.
– I’m terribly hungry, you know! So that after ten minutes the table was laid! In the meantime, take off my shoes! Sister hidden cam nude.

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