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Two days later, my mother called me and asked if I was going to look into her today.
It was not an invitation, but a question.
Not the first time there was such a situation, but usually she did not call.
Now for some reason I decided to dial, well, I thought, replied that I would be busy.
She gave this answer, judging by the intonation.
At this point our conversation was over.
Well, it means it will be hot in our apartment today.
I’ll drop by at 9 o’clock.
This is exactly what I did.
Further, I watched not the first and not the tenth time.
He quietly opened the door, made sure that she was not alone, over a pile of men’s shoes at the threshold.
The door to the hall was closed.
Something struck me, went into the kitchen, picked up a banana, and only then opened the hall door. Sex mature private.

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