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Lustful eyes of the monsters were still riveted to the naked captives.
Members of the hellish creatures heaved with desire muffled wheezing and sometimes impatient whine burst out of the gulp.
– Listen to me! – Appealed the Stygian, raising his right hand above his head.
Short blue flashes ran through his fingertips.
– I am your lord! I am your master! You will carry out everything that I order! – Shut up, worm! – suddenly growled the one whom the stygian called Melf.
– The Son of the Fiery World will never become the servant of man! Get away and leave these women to us! – One of them and so is designed for you! – Only one? – hissed Kulba.
“There are two women here.”
I smell the sweet smell of their flesh.
Do you stupid think that I will be satisfied with just one whore? – You will get only one! – Samset yelled.
– The other one is for Mudor! – Let MuDor fuck them, at least both of them, but after us! – Melf laughed.
And he quickly headed for Belit.
As he approached, the young shemitka screamed and began to squirm with her whole body.
Clawed fingers clutched at her chest, a black tongue slid over her nipples, a monstrous penis, shiny and wet pressed against the girl’s stomach.
– So

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sweet! What a delicious! – Get away from her! – screamed Sumset.
Lightning flashed from his fingers and struck Melf in the back.
The daemon let out a piercing howl and recoiled.
Another lightning bolt plunged into Kulbu’s head.
The creature spun in place, holding the burnt place with his hands.
– You’ll obey me! On knees! Melf jumped toward the Stygian, but was directly struck in the air by lightning in the chest.
Screaming in a foul smoke, he flew to the far corner of the room.

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– On your knees, I said! Kulba did not tempt fate.
He carried out the order, and now looked at the sorcerer frowningly, already with apprehension and respect.
“That woman is meant for you,” said Samset, pointing to a Khitay woman.
– Take possession of it, whatever.
There are only two conditions: she must remain alive and your seed must remain in her.
– From our seed be born MuDor! Hated MuDor! – screamed Melf.
“Yes, that’s exactly what I want,” the Stygian chuckled.
– Only for this I allowed you two to step over the border between our worlds.
“MuDor will destroy us as soon as we are born,” whispered Kulba in horror.
“I’ll let you go back to Hell as soon as all the signs of conception manifest themselves,” promised Samset.
– Swear! – shouted Melf.
“By the Dark Sacred Crystal of Avagrenna!” By the thousand curse of Kalamangars! – the voice of the stygyan was raised.
– You will leave this world before the birth of Mudor! I do not benefit from your death.
You two will still need me in the future.
The words of Samset seem to satisfy the demons.
They calmed down, even cheered up.
“So, the woman I indicated is yours,” the sorcerer stepped aside.
– Why not hesitate.
Get started! “Release her from the shackles,” said Kulba.
A grin appeared on his face.
– So, it will be more convenient for me to do with it everything that I want.
Samset nodded and whispered something, drawing some intricate figures in the air in front of him with both hands.
The shackles muffled and fell.
Yun-li, arriving in horror and fainting, began to crawl to the floor.
Melf grabbed the girl and turned her to his ass, forced the captive to stand on all fours.
For fear and shock, Yun-li could not even scream, only shook her whole body.
– Don’t let them do it! – shouted Belit.
– Have mercy! Samset, you’re a man! – I am more than a man! – shouted the sorcerer, shaking his hands and flashing completely distraught eyes.
– And soon I will become God! Kulba quickly ran from the other side and grabbed Yun-Li by the hair with a jerk, lifting her head.
– Come on, open your mouth! – He snapped.
The Khitayan protestor screamed, gritting her teeth.
– Open, I say, bitch stubborn! But seeing that the girl does not voluntarily carry out the order, Kulba, holding her head with his left hand, spreading his right thumb and forefinger, pressed them to places just below the ears, affecting some nerve endings. Sex hidden cam teen.

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