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We discussed a lot of any questions from our sexual life and I all wanted to know who her first man was.
She did not speak for a long time, but then still admitted that her brother was her first man, I was very excited and I demanded a detailed story! So – a brother older than her for 2 years, I saw him at the wedding and I liked him, a tall, moderately plump guy with regular features and a good figure.
He was already married and had a child.
She told me that she started to masturbate early and really wanted to try real sex, and decided that this would be the most correct step towards the loss of virginity.
She was fourteen, he was sixteen, respectively.
It all happened quite routinely – she herself provoked sex and started to fuck with him regularly, but that’s not the point – I really wanted to sleep with him three of us! After much persuasion, Olga invited him to us.
Igor came with flowers, champagne, we laid the table and began to gnaw.
We went out with him for a smoke and I told him that I knew everything.
He did not deny anything, and I did not give a reason and said that I didn’t condemn him for incest at all, that it even turns me on and would like to have threesome sex! On this and decided.
Returning to the table in high spirits, which Olga liked very much, we continued to have fun and give Olya compliments, which she was delighted with.
Slowly, I began to caress her with Igor, who quickly joined us.
My dick buzzed in jeans, and in his pants organized a rather big bump! Olga sat between us and I began to take decisive action, undoing the zipper on Igor’s jeans, released his boyfriend to freedom.
My friend was not just good, but very good in streaks, with a big head rather thick and strong.

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I myself wanted to feel it in my mouth))) But Olga was ahead of me, starting to caress him with the tongue, I ran my hand into her crotch by caressing the clitoris and lips of her bud.
In her cave everything was wet and hot.
I put it on myself and ottyanuv edge of the panties entered into it.
Igor stood in front of her and his cock turned in front of our faces.
She continued to caress his tongue, I did not take any action and just put it on my dick, feeling that just about to begin to fill it with sperm! The robe was removed from her and I caressed her nipples with my fingers, imagining how to fill her now.
But I did not have time to finish.
She jumped off me and became crustaceans and Igor threw her dick behind her! And he began to have it, taking out almost the entire member of her vagina and then pushing to the end! I got in her pussy from below and just dug my lips into her pubis and what I was expecting, at the next pitching, Igor’s member passed by her vagina and was in my mouth.
I began to suck it violently and felt the flow of his sperm begin to fill my mouth! It was blissful! She was so much and she was unusually tasty! Having drunk his juice to the end, I got out from under Olga and, having placed her with cancer in three or four strokes, completed this combination.
I, Olga, Igor was shaken by an orgasm and we sat down on the sofa exhausted! A few minutes later everything moved to the bedroom)) Olga kissed me on the lips that were in Igor’s sperm, Igor sucked my juices out of her open bosom.
You understand that we recovered the moment! I put Olga on myself, stretching her anus open with my hands, giving Igor the opportunity to immediately enter her ass! I felt like his cock goes, our bridles rubbed through a thin partition! Olga was in complete orgasm and howled, just howled with pleasure! Enough, I decided to myself, and I need to have fun! I abruptly came out of her, and Igor’s dick came out of her ass,

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after which I lay down under it.
As a woman stretched my legs wide I started to send his boyfriend into my ass and he quickly entered it, Igor began to enter me with powerful blows, and I didn’t hurt the whole thing, juice was out of my member and I wanted only one thing to finish at the same time him! So it happened! Ohnuv he began to fill my ass and immediately splashed out of me! We lay exhausted, his sperm flowed into me and mine spread over our stomachs! Olga is stunned by what she saw desperately masturbated! I winked at Igor-let’s go wash up! Secret rus cam sex.

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