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Just do not swallow – said Sophia.

Ilya finished.
I collected all the sperm in my mouth and started kissing Katia.
– It’s time to fuck you, Sophia broke our kiss.
She pressed on my shoulders, put on her knees and put a strapon in Katin’s mouth.
It looks like Sophia is the main one here, I won’t be surprised if she fucks Katya and pees in her mouth and uses her ashtray.
Meanwhile, Sofia, in the meantime, raised July, and I began to suck two cocks, I hooked a strapon myself – I suck three cocks.
Having rubbed me in my mouth, Sophia put me and Ilya in the 69th position from above, Ilya from below and sucked my dick, and she put a strapon in my ass

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My mouth got strapon Kati.
Ilya was forced to masturbate himself.
I lowered Illya into my mouth, Illya lowered himself on his stomach.
Katya collected his sperm with a strap-on and sent it to my mouth.
While I was cleaning Katin with a strap-on from sperm, Illya was lying with his mouth full of my sperm, he was waiting for Katya to kiss.
When they kissed, Sophia took Ilya for pussy and took a smoke break, and I was left alone with Katya.
– She is your home? – I asked right in the forehead.
– Yes – Katya answered confused – it happened somehow gradually, we did not notice.
– Are you an ashtray too? – Yes, and a urinal too, And Ilya, she uses as a stool.

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– And something to change? – I do not know, Ilya seems to like it, and Vanya was attached.
– Let’s go to the nursery, see what happens there? – Let’s go to.
In the nursery, Vanya and Polina played doctor.
She was wearing a toy strobe and a white cap with a red cross.
Naked Vanya was sitting on the armchair, with his feet on the armrests.
Polina with a magnifying glass examined his pussy.
– Yes, the patient – the girl spoke in an instructive tone – You started your farm.
It is bad for you to wear pants and pants.
Run more naked, so pussy aired.
I will write you a referral to a special sanatorium, two weeks like walking naked, plus special jerking courses.
Here it is.
A few months passed since I became a slave to Mrs. Demeter, during which time she taught me to lick her varnished boots with her tongue, developed my ass and made me a deep neck thrusting long and thick dildos in my holes.
Often I spent the night tied to a chain near the toilet, with an anal plug tucked into my ass.
Madam in every way humiliated me, according to her, it brings up loyalty, docility and obedience, but she has to admit she did everything consistently and did not scare me at the very beginning of my slavery, I never even thought about running away from her, although I had many good cases .
Just think what it would be if on the very first day, when I was in her three-story mansion, Mrs. ordered me to do everything that now I began to consider to be the norm.
One game “catch spit” is worth something (when I stand naked on my knees with my mouth open, and Mrs. spits on me until I catch spit in my mouth, and I don’t lick everything that I didn’t catch; in this situation, you start dreaming Harknuli straight into the mouth), and when Mrs. Demeter invites girlfriends and they spit on all sides that half a cup is gathered from the caught saliva from my body and floor. Rockbitch live sex.

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