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While Vika was distracting him, I pulled my dick up, squeezing it between the belly and the tight fabric of the dress, and then pulled the eggs higher and lay down on the high kitchen table, giving it all the belly, and praying that Andrew in his drunken stupor did not notice anything.
Vika, also realizing that she would not stop him, understood my idea and tried to play along: – Then fuck her in the ass.
Not enough yet to get pregnant.
– she said.
– Well, even better.
– Andrei smiled and, staggering, walked towards me.
I just tried harder to bend over my back so as not to spoil my chest, I put my elbows on the table and spread my legs wide.
Narrow shoes again reminded him of a strong pain, and Andrew has already started to come to me from behind.
(Crazy orgy, when the main character pulled up her skirt and fucked him in the ass without noticing the member continues – approx.
) – Wait, you need to lubricate! – Vick grabbed a bottle of sunflower oil from the locker.
While she was unscrewing the cap, he had already pulled the dress up to my waist.
– Wait wait! – said Vika, pushing him aside, and in a hurry having poured oil on not only between the buttocks, but also my whole ass.

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Then she inserted a slippery finger into my anus, trying to smear me from inside, which is why I involuntarily shrank.
– Relax! – Wali fuck! Now I have it relax! Roughly shoving Vika aside, Andrei pulled her panties aside and began to join me from behind.
So that he quickly got into me, and not looking at what was between my legs, and I sent it with my hand.
All this time, Vika told me to “relax” and stroked my back.
But still, when Andrei’s member rested against my anus, I froze in suspense.
He tried to shove a dick inside me, and I was shaking from every attempt.
Then Andrew strongly slapped me on the ass.
– Come on, stop it! – He said, and continued to push my healthy dick in my ass.
Then he slapped a few more

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times that tears spilled back into me, but in the end I managed to relax so much that his head suddenly penetrated into me.
The pain tore at my hole and pierced through me, and my body was covered with goosebumps.
I moaned, but Andrew did not care, he stubbornly continued to push the member deeper and deeper.
Vika could only stroke me on the back and repeat “relax”.
Then suddenly I felt that the member is slowly going back, but, not going out completely, but again began to go deeper and this time even deeper and faster.
I yelled, completely sprawled on the table, crushing my chest, but I didn’t care.
These back and forth movements became faster and faster under Andrey’s contented sniff, and I had to endure and hope that he would finish as soon as possible.
From friction it became so hot that it even surprised me – didn’t he feel it himself. Real live cams nude.

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