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What else? I will remember, in the morning I will say, but for now I will go to sleep the rest of the night and think carefully about how to punish you.
“he fell silent.
“Alla, this is only for a week.
I love you, and I do not want you to grow up

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as a whore and you were all caught up.
I also make you learn, and then you bring threes every day.
By the way, for the cadet of FOUR this week I will smack you and still do a lot of things.
That is to punish.
Good night.
“” Good night, lord.
“Vitya retired to his room.
Alla started masturbating.
And on the floor.
Oh my God! She could not resist and wrote!
In the summer of 1994, I stood in line at the North Palmyra, in the famous store Babylon.
The queue stood on the sidewalk along the store.
On the other side of the sidewalk was a street on which several cars were parked.
Ahead of the line there were two girls standing and arguing loudly about something.
In their dispute, it was easy to determine their names.
The one that stood with her back to the store was called Nana.
She was a tall and very fat girl who looked about 19 years old with a big breast and beautiful but magnificent hips and calves of the legs and magnificent hands with dimpled elbows.
She had brown short hair and a round face with soft white skin.
However, her wrists were narrow and her palms were very small with thin plump fingers.
Her shoe size was also small compared to her height.
She was wearing a light blue blouse without sleeves and a brown miniskirt with nylon knee socks and sandals.

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The one that was facing Nana and her back to the cars was called Narin.
It was a girl of about 16 below average height, but not full, but in a body with a small chest and beautiful legs.
She had dark almost black short hair oblong face with traces of recent tan.
Her wrists and palms were the same size as her companion as her shoe size.
She was wearing a colorful sleeveless blouse and a green velvet miniskirt.
On her feet were white silk socks and sneakers.
The dispute between Nana and Narina became more and more intense with every minute, and finally turned into a quarrel.
Nana raised her hands and pushed Narina in the shoulders.
The force of the push was such that Narina flew back a couple of steps back towards the cars.
Nana stepped forward and pushed Narina again, which again stepped back.
For the third time in step, behind the backs of Narina was the hood of the cherry Lada.
Nana raised her hands again, but Narina suddenly crouched low and Nana stepped forward and pushed only the air in front of her close to Narine.
Narina, in turn, stuck her hands under Nana’s skirt and began to tickle the rival’s crotch and her pussy.
Nana, laughing and losing her strength, rested her hands on Narina’s hands and began to retreat back against the wall of the shop, but Narina didn’t come for a second tickling and processing Nana’s crotch and pussy.
Nana, losing her last strength and choking with laughter, leaned on the wall, but here too Narina continued to torment her rival.
Finally, Nana spread her legs wide apart onto the sidewalk, so that her drawn yellow panties and Narina’s fingers were visible, not stopping her work.
Soon Nana began to choke in a cough, Narina trickled down her hands, her panties darkened with urine, and a puddle formed near Nana.
Narina stopped tickling and seized the hands of Nana, who had lost all ability to defend herself, began to break her fingers.
Nana screamed in pain and allowed Narine to do whatever she wanted with herself.
Narina, feeling her full power, and not letting Nana’s fingers, began to punish her opponent. Online teen sex movies.

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