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And so on until you learn to behave.
Yes, maybe it will take a lot of time and my strength, not to mention your screams and tears, but the result will be worth it.
And then, I think you will not argue with the fact that for the boy the best is to squeal and spin on the bench, and even when his own sister is punished with love and care.
And no matter how old she is, and how young she is younger than a boy, you should understand one simple fact that girls are always smarter and better than boys, and let you even be 30 and she will be 10 or 12.
The pad will follow.
Anna felt that she had gone too far.
She could not live for another two and a half years, being denied access to her own breasts and genitals! It was absurd.
“:“ I need the keys! ”She told the secretary, trying to give her voice the necessary determination.
“Keys to what?” the girl asked her in surprise.

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Anna looked around, worrying that someone might overhear her.
“To the chastity belt that they put on me here, and to the other thing that I wear.”
“What a pity you didn’t introduce yourself.”
“Oh, Houlton.
Anna Houlton. ”
“Thank you, a couple of minutes – and I will display the file on the screen.”
The girl looked puzzled.
“One moment please.
Oh, here: Houlton, Anna, Miss.
Is it you? “” Yes, it is me.
Now can you give me the keys? “The girl shook her head.
“I am afraid that this is impossible.”
Anna frowned.
“What do you mean – don’t you keep your keys here?” “Yes.
But they can be issued only to the keeper of the key, and in your case the keeper of the key is not registered. ”
“But this is ridiculous,” Anna raised her voice, “Since this is my chastity belt and once I get paid for wearing it according to the contract, the keys to it should also belong to me.”
The girl was adamant.
“I regret.

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First, the belt becomes your property only after the full expiration of your contract.
So far – this is the property of the Company.
Secondly, you are under an obligation under the contract, do you remember that you signed IT? .
take a look, “- she showed her a scanned copy of the contract,” this is your signature. ”
Anna was puzzled.
“Oh, you about it.
Well, yes, but it’s just a little fun, don’t exaggerate things a bit.
We are talking, damn it, about my body!
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