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On this day, I sunbathed by the lake, next to which was a forest.
It was rumored that the Amazons lived in this forest.
I certainly did not believe in this nonsense, but curiosity took up.
I put on shorts and a tank top and moved towards the forest.
Shadows from tall trees created a terrible picture; there was such an attitude that one could not get out of this forest.
I do not know how much I was walking, going deeper and deeper into the forest, it was beginning to get dark.
Looks like I got lost.
I raised my head up and shouted for at least somebody to respond.
Echo answered me and for a minute it became scary.
Nearby, I noticed a stump and sat down on it and decided to smoke.
After the first puff, I felt that something was hitting me in the head from behind. Online live sex video chat.

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