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Online family sex movies.
For the next few seconds, I lost all sense of the world.
I swam in pleasure, hovered between the stars, amidst the brightest, purest sweetness.
There was nothing in my life with which I could compare what I felt.
None of my previous orgasm could reach one on the scale of that orgasm that exploded in me.
I soared and soared in pleasure.
I disintegrated into tiny particles, so that each of them was soaked with unimaginable pleasure.
I melted in a sweet sensation, like a snowflake melting in a hot tongue.
After a minute or a year, the sensations of the surrounding world began to slowly return to me.
The youngster member has already left my body.
Apparently, the guy was sitting on the floor, clinging to my leg.
His hand stroked the buttock, but not passionately, but gently and gently.
Then the young man stood up

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He ran his hand over his back, from the neck to the groove between the halves of the priests, hooking the wounded hole, which immediately responded to this touch with a burning sensation.
He broke away from me.
There were heard footsteps, the murmur of a jet of water in the sink, the sound of a tumble dryer.
I lay on the table, gradually recovering.
How much I finished! How incredibly hard I ended! What a bright, sparkling orgasm! I heard the sound of a zipper.
This time from the bottom up.
Then coming steps.

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The guy froze behind me.
I felt the touch of his lips to the buttock.
Jung moved a little and was on my side.
His lips gently, barely perceptibly kissed my thigh near the surface of the table.
And then he suddenly screamed.
He jumped, frozen for a moment, and quickly ran out of the shower room.
What happened? What scared him so much? I thought with horror that he heard someone’s footsteps.
Now someone will come here! I clearly felt sperm slowly running down my legs.
Actually two streams of sperm – from the anus and from the penis – slowly crawled down the thigh.
What does this newcomer see ?! Lying on the table naked Jung with seed streaks all over the body, with a broken, unclosed anus! Now I felt only horror.
Waiting lasted and lasted.
My heart pounded.
No one has appeared.
What’s happening! Is someone coming or not! A few more minutes passed.
I stayed in the shower alone.
Why did that young man run so fast? I began to calm down.
After a while, which seemed endless to me, my eyelids moved.
I saw the muffled light of a shower shining through the fabric of the towel.
After another moment, I was able to move my finger.
Then the leg jerked, and the whole body, having lost its balance, moved to the floor.
I found myself sitting with my back against the wall.
All the weight of the body fell on the ass, and the anus painfully ache.
I jerked and fell to my side.
At that moment, Inna’s voice suddenly rang out.
– We finish with the inspection.
I see many girls already hard to sit.
– So, girls, lie down on the couch, relax and have fun.
– Boys continue to study the body partner.
Try to bring the girls to orgasm.
And do not forget to listen to the girls.
– And you girls do not hesitate to direct the actions of your partners.
– Boys, be careful.
Do not forget about the stimulation of the erogenous zone, but remember that they can be very sensitive.
– And more advice, proceed to the immediate stimulation of the clitoris in the last turn, start with the chest or neck.
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