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These were, of course, Givi and Natasha, who wanted to drink with us.
– Natasha, unfortunately, leaves for her Kazakhstan tomorrow night, so let’s drink for her good rest, for the feelings she got here, for not having her last such vacation.
Natasha, today we drink for you! – suggested Tonya.
The next offer was a drink on brotherhood.
When, after the glass, Natasha eagerly stuck in my mouth, I suddenly felt her hand go over my pants and unzip the zipper.
I tried to push her away, but she whispered “The toast was on brotherhood,” slowly sank to her knees and, taking my cock, took it in her mouth.
I saw that Tonya and Givi did the same.
Probably, if it were not for the alcohol, I could never afford this, but now everything was easy and simple. Mia khalifa sex webcam.

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