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It’s unbearable hot, he came up from the right side with a broom, then from the left, and now going from one side to the other, I felt like on the hip he touched me his member, and it seems the member was standing.
I thought it might have seemed, and turning my head in his direction, I saw that his member was really standing.
Why did it happen? I thought, maybe the steam room worked like that.
Or maybe my posture with cancer standing in front of him turned him on? Then he came back and continued to whip me with a broom.
The idea that he was standing behind me with a standing member as it a little aroused me and the passing touch of his member on my body urged on passion, in my head all sorts of fantasies began to flash.
I wanted to feel the touch of his penis again, and I kind of backed away a little from the heat.
And now, after a moment, almost in the middle of my priests rested his standing member.
(for all) He froze for a moment, but then continued whipping me with a broom from behind.
I wildly wanted to continue, but again to move towards him it seemed to me that it would clearly give out my intentions and desires.
After a moment, I again felt his cock touched my priests, each slap of a broom on the body was accompanied by touching him about me.
And then I felt that he pressed against my ass right in the middle, my pulse was strongly impacted by the rushing wave accompanied by a ringing in my head.
I felt like he pressed against my hole.

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I want, I want, I want, I was spinning in my head, but how to say it.
– Want to continue the banquet; Lyokha said, “Yes,” I squeezed out of myself with a lump in my throat. He put the broom aside, took my hands by the rolls, and with a confident, energetic movement entered my ass.
– Ah! – burst out of me – Be patient now! – he answered he was pained at the same time, ashamed and pleasant, I did not feel such mixed feelings.
Gently, he began to take the penis out of me, and just before the exit, he again forced me with a strong movement, and so he continued, slowly from me, with a powerful movement into me.
It seemed to me that he would break me, but at the same time it was pleasant to feel him inside me, to move towards him.
He began to breathe more often and accelerated the tempo, and only I thought that he would soon finish, as after another powerful penetration, he froze and I felt the thick streams of sperm hit the walls of my ass.
Taking a member out of my ass, a jet of sperm flowed out of my legs,

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he silently turned around and left the steam room, and I stayed in that position and stood, heard how he poured beer in mugs, heard him light.
And I still stood and I felt very embarrassed and embarrassed, I did not know how to look him in the eyes now.
But then the door opened and Lyokha said with a smile, it’s good to bathe here, go on to plump, or else the beer gets warm.
I will continue my confession.
Many years have passed, but I remember all the events to the last detail, as if it was just yesterday.
His name was Boris, nicknamed Bolshoi, at that time he was 16-17 years old.
He studied in grades 9-10 and lived in the house of the directorate not far from me.
It was a tall, 190 cm tall, athletic guy with black eyes and thick black hair.
Although he was a Jew by nationality, but his figure was not at all “Jewish”: muscular, with broad shoulders, pumped up arms, with a narrow waist and bulging buttocks.
By his figure it was possible to study the anatomy of the muscles.
In short, a real bodybuilder.
Boris was engaged in weightlifting, talked with the athletes and the whole local punishment was afraid of him. Live chat with naked girls.

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