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Somewhere in forty minutes, cover me dinner, after serving me at dinner, continue to clean up further.
Accompanied by Olga, the Mrs. went to the pool, having a large amount of swimming, taking a shower, Catherine went to the dining room, where the table was already served.
After dinner, she watched TV, Olga at this time delivered oral sex to her, first she licked her crotch, and then her ass.
Mistress loved when they caressed her anus, she was very pleased to feel the tongue of a slave penetrated deep in the ass.
Satisfied with caresses, Mrs. went to bed, and Olga ordered: Go, help your girlfriends clean up.
Olya was very offended by the fact that Katya sent her to help slaves, and did not leave her in her room.
Catherine herself appointed her eldest among the slaves.

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And despite the fact that the Mistress punished her with them, the slaves were afraid of Olga very much.
When the Lady was not at home, she disposed of slaves, as if she was their real Mistress.
She, as she could, humiliated them, beat, but lightly, so as not to leave traces.
She so intimidated the slaves, if they, one of them, reported to the Lady about her antics, she would make the slaves regret that they were born into the world.
At the very beginning, Lizka somehow told Catherine that Olga, without her permission, had punished her, to which Catherine replied, it meant it was, for which she ordered Olga to place her in the basement, where she was tortured alternately for a whole week now Olga, then Katya, especially lyutovala Olga.
This was a good lesson for all the other slaves.

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Olga came to the slaves who cleaned the house and told them that if Mrs. asked in the morning, she would help to take part in the cleaning so that they answered that she was cleaning with them, and went herself, lay down on the sofa in the living room.
Olya was lying on the sofa and thought it was time to change her life.
In the morning she decided to talk to Catherine not as a slave, but as a person.
For the first time during the whole time Olga was a slave, she decided to take this step.
She did not want to be a slave anymore, but simply to become Katya’s assistant.
And she realized that the time had come to carry out her plan, which had already matured in her head for a long time.
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