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I noticed how the man locked the door with a key, but did not give a sign.
He came up to me and held out a note.
– Here.
Your father asked you to tell if you would start looking for him here.
I frantically began to unwrap the note, hoping to find out at least something about the whereabouts of the pope.

This is what was written there: “Karinochka.
I love you very much, but unfortunately I can not be there.
Uncle Simeon should give you this note.
He is one of my best friends, so do not be afraid of him.
He will take you to our boiler room.
Since you have a very good girl, I could not resist and told Semen about our games with you.
He knows almost everything.
In this regard, he very strongly asked me to introduce you to him.
This, of course, is not the best of circumstances, but still.
Everything you need is in the big black bag, behind the second cauldron.
You know what to do, honey.
“I was a little shocked by this letter, but pulled myself together and turned to Uncle Semen.
He had already taken off his shirt and said: – Well, Karina, will you show me that your father has been praising me so much?

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I collected my thoughts and asked him to wait a bit.
I went for the second boiler and really found a black bag there.
I perfectly understood that it would be impossible for me to find out in another way where my father is.
Therefore, I quickly put on everything that was in the bag and went out to see Semen.
However, Uncle Syoma was clearly dragged from little girls, because the wardrobe was not the most elegant, but very nice.
They were pink girlish panties with bunnies, a T-shirt that was short for me, which gave me an excellent view of my navel and white knee socks just above the knee.
Also in the package was a school skirt and a false chest of the second size.
– Wow!
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