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Then we had a lot of different poses, then I licked her wet crotch, and she selflessly sucked the remnants of semen from me.
In total, so we spent all night.
In the morning I woke up from the sound of water in the bathroom.
Ulyany was not around.
I went to the bathroom door, the door was not closed.

He entered and again saw my daughter-in-law rushed into battle.
In general, that day neither I nor she went to work, but all day they gave themselves to each other with ecstasy.
In the evening I got on the bus and went home.

I went one evening with a dog to walk.
Late for a walk, so as not to meet with the dogs once again.
And I wanted to drink a beer.
Well, not so get drunk to pig squealing, but for the mood.
We got to the 24-hour stall, I sat down beside the barboska, so that I would not scare rare passersby with my meek look.
And without haste, he began to look at the exhibited wealth.
While the two girls came up thinking about it, it seemed like nothing and much under this case.
They counted something for a long time and, finally, it became clear that they would have enough for a beer, but not for a pack of cigarettes.

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I was in no hurry and, knocking on the window, they asked for two bottles of Baltic nine and two cigarettes.
Having received the required, slowly dissolved in the dark, and by their gait it was clear that the asphalt storm was very strong.
Behind them took me and me.
Slowly took a sip and the world became kinder.
I also never need a lot of cold-flavored beer, but with a full moon in a clear sky.
Stars, dog and me.
Beauty! We also moved with the dog along the street along the avenue.
The moon shines through the branches in the back, no one, silence.
Come on.
The dog is busy with his work, I contemplate and imbued with beauty and tranquility, which helps a lot.
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