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No one in the past life has ever humiliated you or mocked you as I, your Mistress, your Mistress, your Sovereign will do it.
You will experience such torture in your own skin that your desire to be slaves will disappear forever, and you will lie in my legs and beg me to let you bastards free.
But only I myself and no one else can take you from my wardrobe and give you a sweet life in the garbage.
But you, unworthy animals, should remember about something else: I am not the one who makes the dog fly, my orders are all fulfilled, they can simply be humiliating to such an extent that you can waver.
I understand perfectly well that you can even drive a horse, but you were once people.
I do not like to spoil my things, I am their shore.
I do not allow anyone to touch their things, because these are mine and only my things.
I even love my slaves and sometimes encourage: instead of ten strokes I can put nine, instead of a toilet bowl I can use you as toilet paper, instead of a cosmetic table I can appoint a bedside rug.
This is not a complete list of my rewards.
And now think, cattle.
I give you one minute.
After five seconds, my (for the present) guests kissed my hands and whispered: – We are your things, Your Majesty ANNET.
Having uttered this phrase, they ceased to be my guests.
The eighth dream In the eighth dream I was a conductor in the SV-car.
Twisting on elastic turns, like a long snake, our train raced from Khabarovsk to Moscow.
The dimensional knock of

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the wheels affectionately reminded me of the approach to my native city.
I had only 14 passengers, and two of them left our company in Novosibirsk.

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In the third compartment was a guy, a tall, dark-haired man with large but, it seemed to me, very sad eyes.
To Moscow remained one night.
When all my guests had already gone to bed, someone knocked on my compartment.
Work – there is work, I opened the door and saw a “sad” passenger.
By that time, we had already made the acquaintance of everyone, and therefore, turning to him by name, I asked: – Did something happen? “It happened, Annette,” my nocturnal guest replied in a shaky voice.
– It happened as soon as I entered the car and saw you.
– But why are you silent all this time? – I tried to joke, but suddenly in his eyes I noticed tears.
– It is difficult for me to talk about it, and perhaps I would never admit it to anyone.
Only the fact that we see each other for the last time in my life instilled this courage in me and suppressed my timidity and shame.
Only, for the sake of God, I implore you, dear Annette, do not judge me.
If I do not confess to you now and do not tell about my innermost desire, perhaps I will live my life without ever having experienced it in reality.
You do not blame me? “If you don’t do me any harm, how can I condemn you?” – I replied.
– Thank you, girl.
Will you not chase me away if my request seems too impudent to you? – Speak, I listen to you.
– Annette, I am married, I have no problems with women, but I can’t do anything about myself and often masturbate when I look at pornographic pictures or in front of the TV screen.
For me, this is like a trip to youth, when I had no opportunity to have regular sex with a woman.
But my dream has always been and is to do it in the presence of a beautiful girl, so that she can see the whole process from beginning to end.
Please don’t kick me out.
Can I do it right now? In his eyes, and fear and horror tossed.
I realized one thing: if you kick him out of the compartment, this person no longer confesses his desire to anyone.
When I approached the door and locked it on the lock, my companion fell on his knees and began to kiss my feet.
– Thank you, Annette.
I am thankful for meeting you.
Some kind of sixth sense told me that you, exactly you, would understand me and would not laugh in my face, would not call me a dirty word.
– Do you want me to undress? – I asked. Bus sex cam.

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