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And you – stay, doctor, – his inflamed lips whispered – How is it going to leave? – Sister frowned thin, ledge with a black pencil.
– Light.
Do the mercy
Leave us.
He wants to tell me something without witnesses – your right, – my sister grimaced with displeasure and left the chamber.

– Well, how do we feel, Fedor Fedorovich? – Asked the wonderful creature, taking his hand, feeling for a pulse.
– Good.
What was it with me?
– Nervous breakdown.
However, I had something similar when I was told about it in St. Petersburg, ”she answered, removing her hand from her pulse and gently wiping the drops of sweat on his forehead.
– And how did you get here? How do you know me? He whispered, fearing that she might be called to another patient.
– ABOUT! This, as people say, his mister Chance became to blame for everything.
After the funeral of my father and mother, having overcome this grief, I began to clean up the apartment and, going through the books in the closet, I found a magazine where my mother kept a diary.

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She was modest and did not devote secrets to the private life of her friends, but opened her soul to these silent diaries, where she told herself only the truth.
“So you know everything about me?” “Yes! I know.
– And what can you say? The boy and suddenly became the lover of such a woman? – You can say so.
But I would say otherwise.
The young captain of the third rank, a pure soul man, fell in love with a wonderful woman, but did not dare to break family ties with his beautiful wife, who cheated on him at every step, and at the moment is a respected woman, since she is the admiral’s mistress – the head of the artillery fleet .
He would also like to divorce his wife and marry this young man with two children as his wife, but he is not advised to do this by certain authorities, as they are planning to raise him to Moscow, and the marriage process would not be very good for him now .
– In what? – Zuev got up in bed, but the doctor’s imperious hand immediately pressed him to the pillow.
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