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Yeah, what else! I forcefully thrust her cock up to my balls, she screamed in pain, I stopped so that her hole would get used to.
I started to fuck her, constantly increasing the pace.
The pain in Masha passed and she started podmahivat me.
It was unforgettable, such a narrow, undeveloped ass.
I finished quickly, dropping this bitch on my back.
Having said “thank you”, I got out of the shower.
I drank half a glass of vodka and sat at the table waiting for Masha to come to his senses and get out of the shower.
She came out wrapped in a towel, very offended.
I took her hand and forced her to my knees.
Said not to be offended, kissed on the lips and offered to drink.
Having drunk, we started chatting about any nonsense, Mashka quickly thawed out.
We kissed, and I said that today sex was like dinner, t.
first the first, then the second, and pick up only the dessert.
She understood what I was getting at, and said that I was a restless pervert.
She smacked me and sat down in front of me on her knees, kissed my, still weak, member.
She kicked my balls and licked a dick, who quickly took up a fighting position from a caress.
She skillfully sucked, then, lightly nibbling the head, slowly and deeply swallowing the penis, then, strongly squeezing his lips and increasing the pace.
When I thought I was going to finish, she stopped, licked and sucked eggs to prolong my pleasure.
I was in seventh heaven, Masha was a good nipple.
I finished it in her mouth, she swallowed all the sperm and for a long time licked the already limp member.

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Masha admitted that she likes to suck dicks, taste male sperm on taste and this is better than what I did with not in the shower.

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We drank and, putting ourselves in order, went to the guys.
I was completely satisfied, and then decided to just thump and have fun.
When the disco ended, everyone was drunk and went to bed.
AND I??? Vouchers for me was not, and sleep somewhere necessary.
To Mashka interest was gone, and she was the last option.
As before, Mariana was the most drunk.
She was a pretty, thin, petite girl (it turned out later), with a flat chest and a small sexy ass.
She was very shy and shy.
I knew that I was sympathetic to her, and drunk, she did not mind that I would spend the night at her place.
In the room, without undressing, she lay down on the bed and turned off.
I stripped her to the goal, and began to admire her body.
The little boobs and pussy of the girl, even if with adult hair, the miniature and fragility of her body aroused me.
I imagined her as a schoolgirl, and myself as a rude fizruk.
Looks like a pedophile is hidden in me somewhere! “But not nekrofil”, – I thought.
Fucking a calf that lies dead is not for me.
I completely undressed, lay down and fell asleep, having decided that the morning of the evening was wiser.
I woke up from the morning stanchion and the active actions of Mariana, who was trying to free herself from my arms.
Hugging her tight and hugging me, I rested a member in her leg.
She blushed and began to unlock.
I said that I really liked her and, putting my hand on her thigh, began to move higher.
She said that she was still a girl and asked to stop.
I promised that everything will be fine.
But she still unlocked and, escaping, ran to a corner of the room and sat down on a chair, knees pressed to her chest.
She was shy about her body.
I realized that this is a dead number and decided to play with her and teach her a lesson.
I got out of bed and, podrachivaya member, headed in her direction.
She did not know what I would do and looked at me with large eyes of fear. Bongacam torrent.

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