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“Everything ran,” she said, going to the hallway, “We’ll have to take a taxi so that the plane won’t be late.”
– Why are you sitting? – Lena appealed to me, – Do you want to say goodbye to mom? – I was offended, – mother smiled, – Come here, Sasha! I reluctantly trudged into the hallway.
– Please, behave yourself well and listen to Lena in everything, – my mother asked me, – Do you promise? “I promise,” I said, confused.
– Bye, Sashulya! – Mom smiled apologetically, hugging me tightly, – I will call every day.
“Bye-bye,” I said softly and could not stand it, I burst into tears.
– Well, – Lena turned on me, closing the front door behind my mother, – Do not cry.
Let’s wipe the tears – like this.
Mom just left for a week.
Lena took my hand and took me to the nursery.
Noticing that she reached for my pot, I blushed deeply.
– It’s time to get ready for the clinic, – the nanny told me, – Just before you go there, you need to pee.
Well? Why are you staring at me like that? – I do not want! – I said offended. Animal sex videos online watch.

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