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Wow, how can I lick him tomorrow, this Leshka! To be continued
After a while my mother drove out a lazy and passive father to meet the man of her dreams – the hero of a lover with an adult 18 year old daughter, since my mother and I were from a culturally-educated family – their dissoluteness simply shocked us, especially me.
Every evening my mother’s bedroom was full of oohs, huffs and creaking beds, after which I, 15-year-old, couldn’t fall asleep, and my step-sister loved to visit me, she really liked to watch my behavior as I blush embarrassed, did not wear underwear and strongly provoked.
– then standing with my back to me will drop something and spread my legs wider to bend up – flashing with a crotch from under a short peignoir in front of me and admiring how much I blushed, then when I lay in bed – she will bend over my face with my chest – as if to slam a mosquito on the carpet that is on the wall and her beautiful breasts with this snatch – will fall out of a large neckline, while pretending that she was embarrassed –

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hiding her chest back and herself sneaking looking at my red face then at the raised blanket in the pelvis.
And early in the morning when I was exhausted and tired, I finally fell asleep after all the sighs and groans – my sister made her way into my bedroom and began to carefully blow my overexcited member, while I had erotic dreams, but I was too tired to wake up, and wake up very reluctant to be super good night.
After a couple of months of pleasant and shameful executions, I began to blush less and pay attention.
As it went swimming – in our mansion there is a spacious shower in the center and from the left a double bath and to the right of the shower there is a sunbed so that bath whips can be whipped, the latch on the door mom fooling around with the new father but never restored it.

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I just soaped and some noise of water filling the bath, and also did not hear from the shower as my sister came up and told me to put my hands on the wall and grabbing the washcloth from me to wash my back and, as it were, accidentally touching my buttocks more and more, I would touch my chest back, a member already trembling with excitement, my sister gave me a washcloth and leaned into the wall next to me while pushing the side of her ass said – and now you soaped me and unlike me who was standing almost exactly vertical – she bent her back almost horizontally while strongly bulge out in the ass back that the buttocks were already apart, I was standing behind her so that she did not see the sticking member and with difficulty reached out to her shoulder blades and shoulders so as not to touch her ass with a member, and she commanded to rub the entire back from the neck, shoulders and buttocks, I I added more strongly foaming shampoo to hide all her charms and my dick so that at least not so much excited and not cum from overexcitation.
Suddenly, she turns around and says – and now I will wash you from the front, I jumped into the bath and the bubbled up hid my protruding penis, sister, well, if you want to relax in the bath I will also join me and climb into my bath in front of me, holding my foot high baths showing off all the beauty of the crotch, and turning their backs on me, settled on a vagina exactly on the penis – either by accident or by a practiced motion, because before me she had sex with a few guys.
Since then, she has intensively began to seduce me using all sorts of sex in all breathing and puffing, most of all I liked anal sex – they do not need to be protected and very tightly her tight anus squeezed my cock.
Here I have these sexual problems of my son.
How not to enter his room, so that the sheet is wet, then a blanket, bulged out and hands under the blanket.
And if the wife is in the bathroom, then he is exactly in the kitchen, we live in the Khrushchev-known situation with the window from the bathroom to the kitchen.
Of course, I painted it over, but the next day there were already scratches.
By and large, I do not mind, at one time he dabbled and wanted an adult woman, but the big guy needed to be rebuilt, otherwise he would erase everything.
Here again, my wife Light started an unpleasant conversation.
– You, (this is she to me) sometime take measures to our blockhead, again locked himself in the bathroom and is engaged in onanism. Amateur couple sex cam.

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