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Olya began to tickle and lightly pin me to different places with the tip of the needle.
I barely restrained my orgasm and was all shaking.
Then Olka lowered her vice and asked: “Tanya, you are all trembling, you must be very cold?” I was really cold, but I was ready to continue this venture for as long as I wanted and answered that I was frozen quite a bit.
“So, to warm up, you must now run.
Run ten times around a long barn, as in physical education class! “- ordered Olya, laughing.
So, run the march! I immediately ran.
At that moment I felt incredibly cold.
Especially the feet, buttocks and breasts have a stile.
– Falling snowflakes, like sparks, scorchingly pricked the body.
I had to run barefoot in the snow, which in some places turned out to be quite deep, so I fell into it almost to the waist.
I also scratched my thighs about the sticking branches there.
While running the breasts shamelessly dangling in different directions.
Having run half of the laps, I was significantly warmed up and even the snow under my bare feet seemed like a soft carpet.
This wild pleasure I have never received in my life.
Olga stood aside and with her eyes wide open looked at me as if she were curled.
Having reached the last tenth lap and having recovered my breath, I felt that it was not cold at all, but on the contrary, there was a warmth that was rolling over the whole flushed body.
I walked over to Olya and stood in front of her at attention.
Then, quite unexpectedly for me, Olya took off the mittens and began to knead my breasts with both hands, squeezing the nipples that were hard and sharp from the cold.
A new strong wave of excitement swept through my body from head to toe.
Stomach bottom almost cramped.

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Having finished with breasts, Olin’s warm palms began to stroke my belly, going lower and lower to the pubis, then began to feel the full buttocks and thighs.
I involuntarily spread my legs and caught an indescribable thrill.
Then Olya squatting began to feel my crotch at first gently with one hand, and then both her hands eagerly dug into my labia.
At this point, I could not stand it and began to end violently.
I moaned quite loudly.
Olya, seeing that I was finishing, probably for the sake of laughter, picked up a handful of snow and began to rub it between her legs.
From this, the sharpness of my orgasm sharply intensified, and I almost fainted with a cry, twitched in convulsions, after which the exhausted collapsed naked into a snowdrift.
From the icy font, I quickly came to my senses, jumped up and shaking the remnants of snow from my body, rushed to my clothes.
With shaking hands, I somehow put on the frozen things.
Olya scared helped me to dress and said that I could seriously catch a cold.
I couldn’t put on pantyhose on my wet body and, therefore, hiding them in my briefcase, put on my bare foot.
For all this activity, we did not even notice the two boys from the lower grades, who were standing nearby and were perplexedly watching us.
To warm up, we both grabbed the briefcases and ran for a run home.
One boot with a broken zipper dangled on my leg, the skirt was put on a collar for eversion.
On the way, Olya asked me about the scars she had noticed on my body.
And I, fool, partially confessed to my friend in her inclinations, although she probably already guessed.
From that day on, my girlfriend Olya and other classmates began to somehow avoid me, avoid communication and giggle after me.
Apparently, Olya told the girls about this incident, since I don’t know any teachers or parents, I didn’t find out, or shame.
More similar stories unfortunately did not happen to me.
Now I am no longer a schoolgirl, but my masochistic addictions do not subside, but on the contrary, they become even stronger.
I often wander in the winter in the evenings to the very wasteland and alone in the darkness after undressing I walk barefoot in the snow and remember that incident.
In the absence of my husband, as before, I arrange various procedures for self-examination.
I have repeatedly tried to have a husband for such games, but he unfortunately treats them indifferently.
I came home

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today from work early.
Yes, and Saturday, what is there at work to do.
So at 5 pm I already crossed the threshold of our country house. Zoo sex online 3d.

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