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I just screamed when this tentacle penetrated inside of me, and began to pull back my legs and crawl away.
From the side it looked probably awful, a naked girl crawls away from a crack, and between her legs some kind of yellowish and slimy snake reaches for a gap.
Despite the fact that I was very pleased by this malicious penetration, I was much more scared, so I continued to crawl.
This snake apparently realized that soon he would not be able to reach me, so he jerked a couple of times and got out of my pussy himself.

I jerked my legs a couple of times and moved away from this rubbish to a sufficient distance.
As soon as I caught my breath, I saw that it was flowing out of me like a tap.
This bastard splashed in me this exciting mucus, which now from lack of space flows from me.
The terrible guess was justified, my insides, as if cramped, I groaned from this feeling, my vagina was completely smeared with this mucus, it contracted and ached, wanting to get at least something.
I could not bear it, so I ran my hand between my legs and began to rub the wet and sticky vagina furiously.

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Even sticking three fingers into my hole, I wanted more, I rammed myself with all my might, but this excitement only grew.
I suffered from despair, unable to remove this terrible thirst for sex.
Unable to do anything with myself, I rose to my feet and barely resisted them, my knees trembled, as after an orgasm, I could not walk normally, taking two steps, I fell to my knees and raised my eyes in front of me.
I immediately saw a cleft, from which I crawled so hard, now I crawled there like a moth on fire, this snake can satisfy me, I crawled in vain then, now I am tormented.
Having made uncertain movements, I found myself near a cleft, but the snake did not appear.
Your dream record private show sex video.

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