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The company of men was suddenly diluted by a stunted blonde who emerged from the landing bot.
Pilot, probably.
The girl had a pronounced feminine forms.
Big breasts, slender waist, steep hips.
Not fat, but a little plump.
Before the eyes of Vicki flashed a picture.
The girl lies with her mouth open.
Breathing loudly.
The body is wet.
The roundness seductively glistens in the sun.
Breasts swaying to the beat of the movement, the one who fucks her.
Vika licked her dry lips and continued to watch the girl, like a panther before throwing herself on the victim.
– Do you want her? Whisper Flo suddenly rang out over his ear.
– I feel like a pervert, but yes.
– Well, take it.
– Yeah, all around people, and we will destroy the conspiracy.
– You are now voltranka, you can enchant any creature.
This is something like pheromones.
Just take it and hold it for a couple of seconds.
Imagine how much you want her and how she wants you.
The rest of your body will make itself.
Vika slightly changed her appearance and waited until there was no one near the pilot girl, went to the edge of the glade near the base of the earthmen.
She was immediately noticed.
Vika waved her victim affectionately and slowly approached.
Stormy emotions were displayed on the pretty face of the dugout.
Surprise, mistrust and confusion.
From the clothes on Vic, there was only a light green cape and when walking his eyes were teased, then full breasts, then smooth thighs.
If he were a man, he would have stuck out his tongue lying on his back and beating his paws.
Vika smiled at her thoughts, remembering her first meeting with Flo.
She had some idea what the dugout was feeling right now.
This time Vika was enough to get closer and test her charm on the girl.
The blonde’s pupils widened, her nostrils forcefully sucked in the air, her plump little mouth opened, her cheeks reddened.

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Voltrank, retreated back into the forest hiding from prying eyes, and the pilot fought for a couple of seconds with lust, swaying slightly and even attempting to look back toward the base.
Then she gave up and quickened her pace following Vika.
The girl cautiously entered the depths of the forest and Vika aggressively attacked her.
She pushed to the ground and grabbed her legs, a little bit dragged forward into a cozy clearing with

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short, silky grass.
Blonde briefly resisted and kicked, even more provoke the former dugout.
Vika impatiently tore her clothes off the girl and tossed her aside as a child, unwrapping a desired delicacy.
The dugout finally lost control of itself.
She often breathed loudly and wheezing greedily, attacked her kidnapper, covering her neck and chest with kisses.
Passionately and eagerly hugged her shoulders, trying to more closely hug the tanned body.
Nude blonde looked exactly as imagined voltranka.
Juicy, plump delicacy.
In her eyes, there was no mind, only lust and thirst.
Nothing surprised or embarrassed her.
With a joyful cry, she discovered Vicki’s strong cock and, clinging to her legs, grabbed the head with her mouth.
Lying on the trunk, and as if swallowing, planted on the penis.
Phallus instantly strained, thickening already deep in the throat of the blonde.
Vika, holding the victim’s head with both hands, began to powerfully fuck the dugout in her mouth.
Having enjoyed the process as much as possible, Vika wanted more.
She just went wild in her eyes.
The feeling of permissiveness and power turned the head.
She even took a loud slap in the face to her victim, not believing that she would get away with it.
The blonde, shook her head, showing a flushed cheek, and again dug into the voltran with adoring eyes.
Vika quite roughly grabbed the blonde by the hair and dragged her to a very smoothly tucked smooth log.
It was very convenient to bend the dugout with a belly on its heated warm surface and squeeze strong hands into wet, juicy buttocks, kneading hot flesh with strong fingers.
Not holding back, whip open palm on wet buttocks.
And further! And again! Dugout all flowed in anticipation and meekly accepted mockery.
Vika, not long in coming.
Her huge penis uncontrollably and with a sob plunged into a supple body.
Vika could not contain the groan of joy from the warm wave that ran all over her body.
The blonde echoed her in unison.
Slapping a couple of times with her pubic on the dugout’s buttocks, Vick grasped her shoulders and tightened her cock sharply.
Then another.
And further.
And further.
Loud, wet slaps spread far out through the forest, accompanied by sweet moans and sighs.
– On! Bitch! On! Hold on! Like this! – shouted out Vick with every jerk. Young teen naked cam.

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