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Lika said that now call her Athos, and Vasya is called Constance.
Yes, I initially refused for a long time and then agreed there were vinyl gloves and Lika said that she would give me her dress.
I say it will be little then she promised to pick up her mom for the game from the wardrobe and give her mother a little later.
I said that each of them will fulfill one of my wishes and they agreed and I agreed to dress up.
Vasya got

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a little bit broken, but how did he have to accept his cousin to persuade him that he promised something.
For greater effect, the game decided to split into pairs.
We broke up into pairs in reincarnation: I am Sasha with Katya, and Vasya with Lika.
And they began to dress in girls.
Katya and I first looked at the Likins’ dresses and things, but everything was not enough for me there.
I told Lika that her dress wakes me a little and what to do.
She allowed us to go to Aunt Ani’s mother’s room and choose a dress and clothes and shoes.
Lika and Vasya stayed in Likina room.
Katya and I went to Aunt Ani’s room.
And Katya started my transformation.
Then the story is better to lead from the girl Milady.

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A story on behalf of MILADY.
So began my first transformation.
Katya made me first remove everything from myself and I was left in only her panties.
Kate opened the closet began to look at clothes and shoes.
From the beginning, Katya decided to choose shoes for me and she began to teach me how to put stockings on my legs with a belt and began to measure me with tetiny shoes.
We measured the pairs of five until we stopped in the choice of black shoes.
There was a zipper on them, a bow, and an open toe, as in the picture, and I wore them.
I walked around the room several times, staggering from side to side and fell a little.
Kate looked at me and said that we need other shoes, these shoes are high for me.
Having looked still found autumn boots with a heel less.
I dressed and walked around the room for about five minutes. Katya says they’ll fit, and you stay in them.
I stood in front of Katya in stockings with a belt and boots and boyish panties.
Kate looked at me and said that it was necessary to replace my panties.
I was shy, then I will not shoot with her.
Katya began to choose a set of black panties and a bra in Aunt Anino’s wardrobe.
Katya wore Aunt Ania’s bra to me and said to change her panties.
I took off my panties and put them in a corner and put on black panties.
Two minutes later, she Kate came and began to choose a dress.
I took a pair of black vinyl gloves from which I was dragged.
Kate put me in the middle of the room next to the closet and told me to close my eyes.
Lika several times ran something took out of the closet and pinched my ass, I screamed in surprise. Webcam bisex tube.

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