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With careful movements, I unbuckled my blouse and pulled it off my body.
The girl was frozen, watching my actions, but no longer resist.
I took off her jeans and panties, and then got to her bra.
After that, I turned to Max.
Both guys stood and masturbate on our fuss, and I noticed that the guy has a member not less than Max.
Well! What are you staring at? Lick her! – Max shouted at me.
I can not.
– I mumbled.
Bitch! – Max’s dick stood like a stake and he abruptly turned me around and thrust my dick up my ass.
I screamed.
There and so sadly after the last case, and now without lubrication.
While my mouth was open the guy immediately took advantage of it.
Sticking his dick into my mouth, he began to fuck me straight down the throat.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that the girl was looking at us and rubbing her cherry.
Look, Olya, – Max said hoarsely.
“Soon the girl will serve you.”
Max finished me right in the ass, and after a minute and in my mouth sperm poured.
The guys moved away from me and I collapsed to the floor.
Tears mixed with sweat and sperm.
And then suddenly a girl crawled up to me and kissed me on the lips.
Her tongue slipped into my mouth.
Then she began to lick my face, chest, stomach and sank to my pussy.
Her tongue touched my inflamed cherry and I just purred with pleasure.
I noticed how the guy is attached to the back of the girl.
A second later, she moaned and violently licked my pussy, so much so that I had already finished three times.
I looked for Max’s eyes and saw with horror that he was setting the video camera on a stand.

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Everything is just beginning, baby, – he said coming to me and attaching a member to my mouth.
I sucked his dick, the girl lightly fucked my tongue wet pussy, the guy violently planted her on the very eggs why she with wild moans licked my clit.
Then the picture has changed.
The guys lay on their backs, and they put us on top and drove the limbs in their asses.
Julia – that was the name of the girl – bit my nipples while I was playing with her clit with my fingers.
Then I was given a rest.
I watched as Max and Vanya – that was the name of the guy – they plant her for the most eggs in her pussy and ass one by one.
They fucked her for a long time, and when they let her go — there was no living place on her — she crawled over to me in all the scratches and bruises and lay on my back, breathing heavily.
Max roughly pulled me by the hair and drove his penis straight down the throat, Vanya entered my pussy and the two of them started tearing me at incredible speed.
Then they changed, Vanya threw me in the ass, and Max in the pussy.
I almost passed out when they finished.
Enough for today, ”said Max, barely catching his breath.
– Good bitches.
He turned off the camera.
Julia and I hobbled down to

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the bathroom and washed off our sweat and sperm.
Then I put on a shirt and my skirt kindly offered by Max, and Julia pulled on her blouse and jeans.
Max goodbye pressed me against the wall and put two fingers straight into my pussy.
I groaned, but in pain.
Tomorrow you will suck me off after couples, otherwise everyone will see how I fucked you.
In the first year, I met Natasha.
She is extraordinary – elegant, intelligent, with a wonderful sense of style.
I could have said a lot about her.
This kind of person, from which the heart stops, when she passes by.
And I somehow became friends with her.
She entered the budget at the institute, and then she studied.
In some magical way she came to us in the group.
At school I didn’t go to discos, I didn’t hang out with the boys, I graduated from art school and also secondary school.
I am so frustrated.
If where at school dismantling began, then I’m right there.
School for school, yes please.
I went only to those events that I considered worthy of my visit.
I probably should have had red hair, but instead I never dyed my hair. Toilet sex hidden cam.

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