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Now I am the prince-ogre’s bride and need to get used to this thought.
I got up and looked around the room.
Yesterday I was not at all up to this.
The room was quite extensive, a large double bed stood in the middle.
Near it, on both sides were bedside tables, a little further away a very large closet with a built-in full-length mirror.
I walked over to him and opened the doors.
It flattered me that they prepared for my arrival and were really treated like a royal person.
In the closet was a lot of different clothes.
I haven’t started going through it yet, but took a pink satin robe from a hanger and pulled it on my naked body.
There were a few more pairs of shoes near the closet, but I preferred my sandals on a small heel with stretch tapes reaching almost to my knees. Teen girl dog sex on webcam.

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