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And it should be noted they really liked and the most interesting thing in the morning they had sex in a pair of sober heads.
True, Sveta reconciled with Igor a week later and he was so surprised and delighted as she writes that she has a naked thing, Masha too soon found herself a boyfriend, but they still occasionally fucked with Masha.
Here are more excerpts from the diary there are a lot of tedious, but I will try only the most interesting and shorter.
Dates and how much time has passed, too, I will not indicate.
Here is a record when she was 18 years old.
Met at the disco with a guy.
Name is Zhenya.
Older than me for 14 years.
This is how igorosha let me go alone to the disco.
Although you are still in the army and I’m so bored without

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Today Zhenya called to meet.
I thought, I thought I decided to go.
I am still young and beautiful, especially since I did not promise to wait for Igor, but I cannot guess two years in advance.
Especially easy to meet is not bad.
Went on a date, what is he all the same gallant and so cool to communicate with the guy who is older than you.
Today did a stupid thing.

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Forgive me, Igor.
I slept with Zhenya, he called me like a fool at the apartment he was renting and I gave myself to him.
True sex was wonderful, he is so attentive and so beautiful.
A day passed Zhenya never calls, I won’t call him either.
Zhenya called.
Met him spent a stormy evening in his bed.
Finished to madness.
But after such sex, he ruined my mood.
He proposed to dot all.
They say that he likes me both as a person and as a sexual partner, but he doesn’t want a bigger type of love, and so I don’t expect it.
If I want more than friendship with an intimate sequel, it is better to leave now.
I was so taken aback by what I said I would think he said if you want to meet, the kA con suggested that she herself call and if not, then not.
She told all Masha.
She was all over me.
She said that I was not a fool and continued to fuck with Zhenka.
He says that two years without a peasant will not last.
But I understood that already.
And with Zhenya it is easier for him then you can just say that he is tired and without complaints.
She is just obsessed with sex.
I also said that Igor is also there walking with the women in the army, and there is nothing terrible about this.
The question of where in the army women answered logically.
Like, if there wouldn’t be them then in two years all the guys would be blue.
Today, Zhenya put a finger in my ass during sex, at first I was against it, but then it turned out to be even nice.
As a fool, then I tried to make out his finger didn’t get dirty, but there isn’t all right.
Zhenka offered anal sex, I said that now I do not want but he was so persuaded that she decided to think. Sri lanka live sex chat.

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