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Then Max sat back on his side, coming out of her.
His member glistened.
They fucked without a gum.
Dasha was lying on her back.
And then something happened that neither I nor Max expected.
Charlie leaned between the sprawled legs of Dasha and stuck her muzzle into her pussy.
– Aah, good.
let him lick, she moaned.
Dog did not need to ask, he licked knowingly, obviously not the first time.
Max was first fascinated by this spectacle, then he beckoned me to him.
And I, like Charlie, licked wet and sticky eggs and Max’s dick.
The taste of the penis was somewhat different.
“Well, finally, I see Nyashka in action,” I heard Dasha’s contented voice, “this is a wafer list!” Exactly fagot, and the dick immediately got up! I was on my knees and already sucked at Max.
Feeling their views on myself, I was excited even more, trying to swallow a member almost all of it.
– Do you cum him in the mouth or fuck in the ass? – asked the girl.
– And how do you want? – Max asked.
– Of course in the ass! We followed him and invited me to look. Sexy girl cam shows.

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