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It annoys me especially when someone starts describing the story of rape or defloration on behalf of a girl, telling how it is pleasant, exciting and unexpected, when suddenly sexuality wakes up and it becomes pleasant.
Complete nonsense! One would like to dream that the authors of these stories would once get to a gay party and throw them in the ass and mouth, pumping sperm to the very throat.
Let then they write, what pleasant feelings they had in the anal passage, when they crashed into it, tearing the flesh, hot cock! As a result of reading these libels, I decided to tell my real story, as a result of which my son was born, and at the same time, I would give my debt to Internet sites for the opportunity to enjoy other people’s erotic stories.
I lived in a very conservative and strict family.
My parents loved me very much, protected me and raised me as a good girl.
Being at least a little bad was hampered by constant control, a hard day routine (school, music, dance, optional English, basketball, and scout circle), distance from the city (we lived on the outskirts of the city in a cottage).
As a result of this, by the end of school I did not visit any discotheque, did not kiss, did not drink (they did not let me go on birthdays either, but nobody came to me), did not

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smoke (tried, and did not like it) and so on.
The only outlet in all this endless control was scout camps on holidays, when we were leaving with our detachment in the forests and mountains.

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It was fun there, especially when it was possible to meet good guys from other squads (there were only girls and three boys from junior school in our group).
Therefore, my graduation, was for me the first real appearance.
I prepared for him very much, for a long time I tortured my parents with the choice of dress and accessories, I did my hair and makeup.
I and without makeup and other entourage was quite an attractive and beautiful girl.
Classes by dancing and basketball made my figure just perfect (by the standards of fashion magazines and beauty), and the educated taste allowed me to dress in such a way that my beauty was just shocking.
I knew that a lot of guys were drying in class and in school.
Periodically sms and notes came from these admirers, with offers to be friends to meet.
I did not mind, because I really wanted romance and love, but my schedule and control of my parents made it impossible to develop any relationship.
And in the 8th grade terrible happened – I fell in love.
And my chosen one was none other than Brad Pit.
Yes Yes Yes.
I became an ordinary little fan.
I collected his photographs, copied and revised time and time again films with his participation (and even frame by frame), became an active participant in all his fan clubs (even English-speaking), wrote him letters with declarations of love.
From time to time I received answers to my letters, written, of course, by moderators, but then I did not know this and was sure that we had a relationship with him.
My childish stupidity and strong falling in love clouded my eyes, and I no longer saw other men near me who were worthy of my heart.
Thank God, in the 11th grade, it finally dawned on me that this was complete nonsense, and I was already able to calmly respond to photos and videos with the participation of a Hollywood actor.
Having flashed a bright and memorable flash at the graduation party, I was immediately sent by my parents to preparatory courses in order to enter the Medical Institute.
Not that I would have dreamed of becoming a doctor, just this is the only worthy institution of higher education in our city. Sex watch video online.

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