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Sex v bolshom gorode smotret online.
Calm down! You, of course, heard terrible stories about thirty-one centimeter, but did not want to believe in them.
Hmm, you didn’t have that, no, and never will.
Attention, now it will seem.
Drumroll! Clearly more than twenty.
Nothing wrong.
You have been sleeping with him for a year and a half (or rather, I have been sleeping with him for a year and a half, but now you are in MY body).
I assure you: full hardware compatibility.
Your eyes are rounded, your lips trembled treacherously, but a moist luster in the crotch gives you excitement, and all you have to do is to meekly accept the flesh of a starving person for love.
You will feel how the head of his penis will rest against the lips and, having slipped on the lubricant, will disappear into the vagina.
A centimeter by centimeter, the dimensionless piston will move deeper, pressing with frantic force and

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pushing the tender walls until it reaches the elastic protrusion of the uterus, causing a new wave of tremor.
Reason grows turbid, in the head is dull, like a sea surf, blood is pounding.
Hands tingling slightly, and now they feel nothing.
All tactile sensations recede, concentrating on smooth glowing petals, teased pubic passionate lover of sex.
His penis is completely hidden inside you, it pulsates with desire, stretching the walls of the vagina almost to the pain and filling the whole body.
Here it is – a blissful and natural state for a woman, when his hot body presses on you, the prickly bristles scratch the neck, and fingers squeeze the shoulders with force.

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It does not matter who he is, and whether you are familiar, you just love him to tears for the pleasure that he now delivers.
That’s right, you can’t have sex with an unloved man – in the third minute he becomes adored, even if only for a short time.
You will not want to let go of it, destroying the harmonious system of the world in which only you exist.
But he, playing, will move away from you until you begin to move his hips towards him, so that his penis thrusts you again and again.
Suddenly, he will completely leave your bosom, turning on his stomach flaming, as if in a fever, a supple female body.
The chest will fall into the substituted warm palms, which will compress it at the very moment when its huge organ again penetrates the squeezed from tension of the vagina.
Now his trimmed pubis will, pushing the rounded halves of the ass, rub against your compressed anus, and the scrotum will methodically beat against the trembling clit, gradually elevating you to the peak of pleasure.
He will enjoy the exciting smell of your hair, bringing to the ear hot breath and burning touches of the tongue.
Gamma experienced feelings soon makes you arch to meet the ruthless tormentor.
It is no longer possible to understand that inside you start to shudder and shrink – the walls of the vagina, the uterus, or the muscles of the thighs, or all at once.
The body, having shifted in the cramped state of those dimensions, spreads out into a single pulsating substance with the whole universe.
Somewhere far away from your consciousness, the body of a distraught man jerks sharply, spewing streams of hot sperm.
The remnants of sensations are buried and dissolved in weary relaxation.
9 Viscous darkness moves around you again, space compresses the body, displacing consciousness.
You no longer feel the embodiment of femininity, it does not dominate powerfully over you and does not avenge disobedience.
You are free.
You sit sharply on the bed, feeling the familiar smell of your own native bed, the smell of your own male sweat. Sex v bolshom gorode smotret online.

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