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Tell the truth: are you happy? Judging by your mind, not especially.
Friends are worried about you, and you are not a stranger to me.
Maybe come again to us, eh? The navigator’s place will be released in a month, when the current internship period is over – he is a student, we are practicing the practice – and then we will write you down again.
We all had time to become attached to you.
– Thank you for the offer, Stanislav Fedotovich, but I will refuse.
Yes, not everything is smooth, but I will not leave her.
In spite of everything, I will not leave her.
I never knew what happiness is like loving a mistress.
And I will not leave for this reason.
I can not.
I can not without Bat.
There is more to me than a program.
Something stronger than the master’s order.
I can not resist this.
It is stronger.
I am happy to be with her.
The captain sighed when he realized that the cyborg could not be persuaded.
“You have a bruise on your forehead that you so carefully camouflage with your bangs, Dan.”
Ted and Polina didn’t notice, but you won’t get me.
What is going on there? She treats you badly? – Not.
No, only Dan answered.
The bruise put him just this morning, banging him because the cyborg had forgotten to put sugar in his tea.

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Beatrice was still asleep.
Nonsense, the next day from the bruise and a trace will not remain, with his then regeneration.
On the “Black Star” with an unanswered cyborg did everything at all, so that such a trifle was not worth even paying attention

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“I’m not leaving her,” Dan repeated seriously, looking the captain in the eye.
– Without it, I can not.
Thank you for your concern.
Three days later, the Cosmic Brainworms left Caesar-8, now for a period of six months.
But after six months they promised to fly again and see a friend.
Living in the house of Beatrice was becoming increasingly difficult.
Just as if he was smelling a rival in a cyborg, and not wanting to believe in it (or from what he still believed), he constantly asserted his power over him.
Basically – when Bat was not at home.
She would not like it.
But Dan never complained.
In ecstasy by the power of the second owner, Yust reached the point that he sometimes forbade the redhead to go to the toilet without asking for permission.
Which he, of course, never gave at once, watching as the “rival” trembles, convulsively squeezing the hips and biting his lips, breathing heavily and nervously.
Then Yust liked to fall apart in an armchair with a glass of whiskey and watch the sufferings of the “doll”, in whose eyes sometimes flashed something.
Something like this.
Just and tried to understand what it was.
After all, if this doll really THINKS, as it sometimes seemed to him, then.
And that quiet tenderness and calm devotion, with which the cyborg massaged Beatrice’s legs in the evenings, Yust somehow didn’t like it. Sex drama movies watch online.

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