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Yes, and not long work on Cerberus itself undermined his authority among the Alliance so much that Udina ran up to Brag (a new member of the Council elected after the Goethe heretics attack) screaming that Shepard is now almost more than the Reapers (although their existence, of course, denied).
Like, you never know what Cerberus implanted in Shepard, that he is no longer a man, and so on.
All these political battles, throwing each other with verbal shit and strikes “in the back” exhausted Shepard greatly.
So when he arrived after another squabble with Udina in Normandy, he was exhausted to “no”.
However, even fatigue did not affect his attention – Kelly Chambers, his personal assistant and deputy, was not in his place! And it was strange, t.
it was not observed on the spot only when the Collectors attacked Normandy and the whole crew was kidnapped by the Reapers.
Nor was the fact that all members of his team peeked at him from the envious glances to the slyly narrowed eyes with a smile (only girls sent such glances) did not hide from his attention.
Shepard knew what was going on – when she and Miranda had sex she screamed so much that he wouldn’t be surprised if her cries were heard at the most distant checkpoints of the galaxy.
So, with a touch of shame, pride and surprise, the commander took the elevator to his cabin.
And then he saw the “lost” Kelly, she fed Shepard’s fish.
Kelly Chambers was a little taller than Shepard, slender, with small breasts of the second size, narrow hips, and short hair to the shoulders.
Hair was brown.
The fish of which she fed imposingly swam in a luxurious, large aquarium, located opposite Shepard’s workplace, and devoured food.

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Kelly did not immediately notice the captain, so when he came up almost in a tight, rustling suit, she was frightened: Oh! – Kelly jumped up in fright – Sorry, I didn’t notice you.
Sorry I was scared, – Shepard, seeing shyness on her face, looked at her puzzledly.
Kelly even more embarrassed, said: I was just thinking.
So I did not notice how you came

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Chambers face flushed, which completely puzzled Shepard.
She had already turned to leave, but as if forgetting to say something, she returned again.
Shepard seeing her flour decided to ask all the same: Kelly did you want something? Do you need some help? – although exhausted Shepard vryat something could help her (again Shepard cursed his innate politeness).
Kelly stood thoughtfully for a few seconds in front of Shepard, and then she seemed to burst: Captain, remember, we said that we were.
friends? So I thought.
I need to rehearse one.
He taught me a girlfriend, and I do not know whether he turned out well.
You will not mind if I show it to you, and you.
appreciate and see? Shepard still said with a tired face on his face: Of course, you can show right now – although the commander did not understand what embarrassed Kelly, he wanted to finish everything quickly.
Thanks commander! “Kelly’s face lit up with joy, I’ll go get ready,” she said and ran out of the cabin.
Shepard wearily approached the locker with his equipment and changed into ordinary clothes (after all, arriving in Normandy, he did not have time to take off his protective equipment).
He had already begun to miss when Kelly finally appeared.
She was wearing a long gray cloak, without a hood, in the likeness of those that the Salarian wore that was part of the former Citadel Council.
Shepard sat down on the sofa and invited Kelly to start.
She stood in front of the sofa, against the wall and turned on the relaxing music (“apparently in my absence she explored his cabin,” thought Shepar).
However, what happened then completely knocked all subsequent thoughts from his head.
Kelly, a slight movement of the shoulders, took off her cloak.
She was wearing a red, skin-tight corset with a large incision above her small breasts. Sex and the city season 1 online.

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