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He is joking! – I say – Yes, everything is fine! She, the priest, you have such a beautiful shape! – Enough of a bit of flog.
“Are you two together at home during the day?” “So what?” “And what did you not do?” “No.
– But tomorrow I will come to visit you.
So let’s check! – Come on.
My plans have collapsed.
But friend, we will not have all day with us.
Then we will do everything.
The main thing before the arrival of parents to have time.
Hot at home.
Barely wanted to turn on the TV, as a friend came running.
We stupidly began to stare at the TV.
In my head, some different thoughts were spinning.
They both scared and excited at the same time.
For some reason I imagined some kind of beast, hairy, as he caught me in the woods and, putting to a tree, began to fuck.
How do thoughts and desires change in one day! Then I imagined how my brother gently fucked me deeply.
Yes! I wanted to feel it.
I sat at the TV a bit and then again fell into the shower.
Took, for some reason, a razor and shaved barely noticeable hairs around the anus.
I walked out of the bathroom, and went to the bedroom.
He lay down on the bed with his stomach down.
I was very excited, and I thought – come what may! I heard fragments of conversation.
– Listen.
I also want to.
– I do not know if he will give you.
I lay turned away from the doorway.
Very soon I heard footsteps.
Suddenly, I felt the breath on my ass.
They looked at her and stroked her.
Someone dared and began to lick her.
Rough tongue excited more and more.
That was my brother.
I wanted this hairy “beast” to take me straight in the ass.

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Meanwhile, he tongue penetrated between the buttocks.
A friend stroked my feet.
It was very cool.
Without opening my eyes, I continued to lie down.
I liked to just feel.
Gently and slowly pushing my buttocks, a member of the brother moved to the anus.
I realized that it was him through his hairy body.
The members were slippery! I looked at a friend.
He sat next to my booty, he masturbated with one hand and watched as a brother shoved his dick in my ass.
I lost control of time and closed my eyes, surrendering to the senses.
I liked that they look like they have me.
My brother pressed against me and whispered in my ear: “Remember the contract?” “Yes, of course, come on.
Only slowly.
My brother began to shove my dick deep into my ass.
My anus hospitably received his head gradually.
I liked it.
Then, when the ass was completely ready, my brother felt it and started to go deeper! It was very cool! Hard as a stake penetrated me! I did not hurt at all.
– Wow, you – blurted out a friend.
Gradually, deeper and deeper, his member

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entered me.
Between my ass and my dick there was something inside that was very exciting, it gave such a buzz that it could not be described! This is a drug! Finally, the brother was completely in me.
My buttocks stuck to him.
He began to move.
From pleasure, I wanted to moan, but tried not to do it.
Brother moved, hairy “beast” fucked me.
He clung to me and imperceptibly for himself dug into my shoulder.
– How amazing! – he whispered – so nice.
I feel so good! Suddenly he shuddered.
I felt something spread in me.
He finished! In me! Brother slowly came out of me.
– My turn – a friend said excitedly, as if there should be no refusal.
“Take me,” I said languidly.
Very worried, a friend stood over me.
On my back dripped grease from his penis.
He lay on top and a member, much fatter than my brother, rested against me in the ass.
“I thought about it all day, you are the first person I’m fucking with,” he whispered.
Hands friend squeezed the buttocks, pushing them towards the penis.
But despite the larger size, his penis penetrated deeply without any problems.
Softly and slowly, now a friend had me in the ass.
He fucked with some other feeling than my brother.
He then clung to me, then rose, to see how his dick entered between the buttocks. Omegle sex live chat.

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