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Vlad became furious fuck Yulkin ass, she lowed but prodalzhala lick Lenochka vagina.
Vlad pulled a member and put it in the vagina, it lasted a long time he fucked that vagina, then ass.
After he stopped and decided to try Lenochka’s mouth.
Put a round gag on her so that she could not bite and began

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to fuck her in the mouth.
Helen who never had oral sex, just choked with unaccustomed.
Vlad finished in her mouth, as usual, he squeezed her mouth and not to choke, she had to swallow everything quickly, the sperm was hot and there was a lot of it.
Vlad was leaning on a chair, the member slowly began to fall off, but Vlad did not pull it out, he knew that some time after his death, he would like to piss.
He hit Elenka hard on the cheek and said “suck dick that you lay down here!”, Lenochka started sucking dick and licking it with her tongue, suddenly the dick shot a hot stream, it was Vlad who pissed in her mouth, choking swallowed and swallowed.
Having finished urinating, Vlad once again hit her on the cheek and said “I didn’t say stop, suck on!”, Helen smacked her lips, little Vlad’s member began to rise again, he pulled him out of Lenochka’s mouth, said “Helen, you don’t know how to suck, you have to teach you. ”
Vlad came up to Yulkina’s head and pushed her away from her friend’s vagina, whispered to her “lick my ass and while I fuck your girlfriend in the ass,” he slightly pushed the gynecological chair a little further, Julia felt the ass Vlad’s face and began to lick it.
Vlad decided to knock down the anal hymen of Lena without lubrication.

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He substituted a member to her anal hole and began to enter, Lenochka started moaning, twitching, Yulya heard her friend screaming and that frightened her greatly.
Vlad did not listen to these moans and inserted a member, he thought “yes, it looks like her ass is exactly virgin, I haven’t fucked the narrow one yet, barely enters.”
Helen did not stop twitching and mooing, Vlad’s member slowly entered her asshole.
He lay down on top of her and began to pinch her nipples and kiss her breasts, Julia without ceasing licking Vlad’s ass.
Lenochkin’s ass throbbed pleasantly inside it was very hot, Vlad, without moving, enjoyed the sensation of how his butt was sucking his cock.
After about 5 minutes, he squeezed the nipples hard and went out sharply in Lenochka’s ass, she elicited a warning mooing, he whispered in her ear “now I will start fucking you in your ass, who is guilty that you didn’t prepare her for me with your boyfriend ?! “.
He began to fuck her, without lubrication, the member entered very tightly, Vlad pulled out the member and inserted it into Julia’s mouth, she immediately began to suck him and smack her.
He put Yulkin head back to his ass and a member began to insert Lenochka in anal.
She screamed, she thought that now he would tear her entrails in her ass, she could no longer tolerate and described herself, everything leaked onto her friend, Vlad pulled out a member and put Yulkin’s mouth in and started to cum, Julia smelled Lenkin’s ass from the dick, quickly swallowed sperm, urine girlfriend flowed on Yulkina head.
So nice, Vlad hasn’t finished long ago.
He pulled out a member and put it in Lenochka’s ass, her priests sucking were very pleasant, when a member began to dip inside her priests, Vlad began to piss, Lenochka felt a hot jet in her ass.
Pessav Vlad put Lena’s chair again closer to Julia.
Yulka hit on the pope – it was not necessary to say anything.
Julia began to wash away her friend.
After 3 Lenochka’s demise, Vlad came up and removed both gags from both of them.
He sat in his chair as an observer aside, and said, “I allow you to rest a bit, you can talk.”
Helen it’s me, Julia, I’ve been here for 3 days, how did you get here? Helen.
Are you involved with me? Who is that? Hate you!!! Julia.
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