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And at the time of the climax, he grabbed her head and pressed it as far as possible.
Vera felt hot streams of sperm beat her right esophagus.
“That’s my breakfast,” she thought.
This was only the beginning, Igor always began to detente for himself, so that later he would slowly be engaged in the victim.
While Vera cleared his throat, he began to disassemble the bag.
– Tell me what to punish you for? Vera told, without details, omitting the names.
Taking her elbow, he helped her up and climb on the bed.
Wore a leather mask and bracelets on the wrists and ankles and a special

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belt on the waist.
A metal ring was inserted into the mouth, on a belt from which two chains descended, with crocodiles at the end, which took place on the nipples.
As soon as Vera turned or threw back her head as a chain, she drew off her chest.
She lay on her back and Igor attached the bracelets to the ropes along the bed.
A little more manipulation and the feet of Vera soared upward, lifting them and spreading them apart, exposing her holes.
Two more clips clung to the genital lips and spread them apart.
The vagina glistened with grease.
Now Vera could not move, not to hide behind.
For some time Igor admired the picture he created, In his hands he had a leather whip.
He carefully straightened Vera’s hair and showed the weapon he requested.
– How many? – 10 Igor nodded.
He nodded and walked away.
Whip cut the air and burned his ass.
Vera arched as far as possible, her nipples and lips painfully stretched.
– One Through the pain and the metal ring in her mouth she counted.
When everything was finished, 10 even scarlet stripes passed through the buttocks.
Her body was heaving, her nipples were aching, and her ass was on fire.
Igor undid the crocodiles on the nipples causing pain.

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He squeezed them with his fingers, which made Vera howl.
Finally he pulled the condom and entered it.
He moved slowly, savoring how a member slides in a vagina full of juice.
Every time he plunged to the full depth, his hips touched her ass and the scarlet bands let him know again.
Having caught the moment when Vera was already on the verge, he left her, not letting her finish, which caused a disgruntled, disappointed and at the same time surprised moan.
From the bag he took the butt plug with a pear on the hose.
She was no more than 3 centimeters wide, but it was enough to shake a pear as it swelled to 10.
Smearing the anus, he inserted the cork, and he continued to fuck the vagina, pressing the bulb at regular intervals.
Vera groaned, in her ass gradually inflated the ball, more and more tightly pressing the vagina and giving them both more pleasure.
Igor stopped and pulled the cork, a huge ball reluctantly stretching the anus broke out.
He blew out and put the cork back in and fucked again and blew the pear again.
Vera was all burning, tears flowed from her eyes, she wanted to finish to insanity.
And when Igor pulled out the ball for the third time, her body shook and she fell into her own orgasm.
She woke up after 5 minutes.
She was already untied and carefully hidden.
Igor has already removed all the bracelets, he was lying nearby looking at her contentedly.
His dick was still standing.
She saddled him and after a couple of minutes they finished at the same time.
– Thank you. Vera said when they began to gather.
Igor nodded and handed her a tube of cream – This is for the ass.
They went out and went in different directions.
Soon Lena woke up, she reached out and felt her ass sore.
The hand involuntarily reached there and stumbled upon a metal circle.
The details of yesterday evening flashed in her memory, feelings of shame and arousal fought at the same time.
She got up and went into the bath, squatting, she pulled the cork and pulled her out of work.
After spending some time on the toilet, she got into the shower.
Squeezing on the palm of the gel, she began to wash, when she reached her butt, she pressed on the anus and the soap fingers easily penetrated inside.
“How I got pulled!” with some pride she thought.
And having contrived, she introduced another one.
Then having washed off the gel, she dried off and hesitated, took the cork, washed it and held it in her mouth and put it back into the ass.
Coming out of the bathroom, she was greeted by the smell of coffee and a delicious breakfast. Moonlight4u bongacams.

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