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Katya and Olga went on excursions to the reefs, fishing, night fishing, traveled by boat with a transparent bottom, went diving, even visited a sunset tour.
Sunset in the Maldives it really was an extraordinary sight.
Every evening, they went to the movies to watch the sunset.
There was a jewelry shop and a souvenir shop on the hotel’s territory, Katia went there as if on a tour every day, she bought a lot of stuff there.
In Moscow, Catherine and Olga sometimes attended tennis courts and played this game quite well.
Catherine loved water sports.
She was engaged in the Maldives windsurfing, water skiing, catamarans.
Katya, when going abroad to rest, was constantly engaged in diving, she loved to dive in and enjoy the sea beauty and underwater views.
She loved to dive into the ocean, in the unusually clear transparent water was the darkness of various colorful fish, a lot of beautiful corals, which covered the hordes of crabs.

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It seemed that the Maldives had an effective, untouched nature, to which civilization had not yet reached.
The girls went out for morning and evening fishing, especially they liked fishing for big fish.
We went on excursions in Male, on the islands, had picnics on uninhabited islands.
Rest could be compared to earthly paradise.
Katya was so keen on rest that even Olga began to be treated not as a slave, but rather as a friend.
Arriving late at night in the room, they fell into beds and fell asleep in sound sleep.
Catherine really enjoyed the rest, and she told Olga that they would definitely visit this beautiful heavenly place again.
Rested and tanned, Olga and Catherine returned home.
Coming out of a taxi near the house, Catherine walked to the gate, the door immediately opened and in front of her she saw four naked people kneeling on their knees, only in collars slaves.

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They met their Mistress, Lizka knew about how much the plane was flying, but while the Mistress got to the traffic jams from the airport, it was not enough time.
especially since the plane was late for an hour and a half.
The backs of the slaves were red from the sun, Catherine did not allow them to sunbathe, it was immediately obvious that they had been waiting for their Mistress for a long time.
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