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Yes, and alcohol brought us together.
So much so that we once even masturbated together, however, not to each other, but each caressed his member, looking at the computer monitor.
That evening we got drunk more.
When I watched one movie, I don’t remember his name, where it was a battle for the boy’s heart between a girl and a t-girl, Max said: – Yes, I don’t care! I would fuck her too.
I said nothing, noting a prick in my heart.
I had the opportunity to realize my dreams! Kutuzov did not prepare for the battle as much as I did for a new meeting with Max.
By that time, I already had a decent collection of linen, of my own, bought on the market “for the gift of a girl.”
And so, once again, when his parents left for his grandmother, he called me and invited me to visit.
I replied that I would certainly be, and rushed to the bathroom in a whirlwind.
I didn’t have to try hard, I had already shaved quite often.
There were only legs and ass.
With a backpack, stuffed with women’s clothing, cosmetics and alcohol, I climbed to the floor of Maxim.
“Oh,” he could only say when I unloaded beer, bottled cocktails and nuts on the kitchen table.
– And you prepared.
He did not yet know how prepared I was.
We reached the desired condition by twelve at night.
When Max called me into the bedroom with a stranded tongue (there was a computer where we watched porn often), I got excited again.
Glancing at the backpack, I picked up a couple of bottles of beer and followed.
A splash screen of the German film company appeared on the monitor, I snorted with an indifferent look: “Turn on the trances, it’s already tired.”
– Trans? – Umgu.
But, nothing terrible happened, Max rummaged in the collection, found a good movie and fell on the bed.

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For a couple of minutes I was sitting nearby, drinking without feeling the taste of beer.
Finally, sighing softly, he grunted: “I have a few minutes in the shower.”
– Yes, the jerks are here, – Max was surprised.
– Just finish in the napkin.
– Yes, no, I do not then – I blush.
Grabbing my backpack, I walked out.
Heart pounding, fingers tremble.
Never in my life have I been so nervous! Locked up in the bathroom, I hurriedly showered and washed.
And so it began! Lubricate the armpits with the deodorant of the Max’s mother, drop perfume on the pubis and anus (I did the last almost with a groan).
Black thong panties wrapped around my swollen cock; a black bra on the chest of the first size made me pleasantly shoulder, at the same time making me unprotected.
I already put on stockings, as well as a leather miniskirt and a leather topic.
I literally jumped into sandals on heels, and covered the head with a wig with black curls.
The mirror reflected a pretty, slightly pale girl with excitement.
It now remains to apply makeup and.
Sighing, I opened the bathroom door and, trying not to stomp on my heels too much, walked through the darkened apartment to the bedroom of Max.
There are loud moans from behind the door.
– Why so long? – Max turned around and his mouth suddenly opened.
– Ltd.
Clenching fists, I smiled and blurted out a stupid: – Hi.
Understanding flashed in Max’s eyes, he sat down on the bed, mechanically covered the standing member with a blanket.
He asked no less stupid: – Are you serious ?.
“Do you mind? I have a

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storm raging in my chest.”
I was ready to fail with shame, but Max suddenly shook his head, then nodded.
I heard his hoarse voice: – N-no, not against.
Who are you now? I replied already languidly, as in fantasies: – Marina.
He smiled, quickly comes to his senses, and alcohol with a well-chosen porn film played a role.
Max patted the bed: – Come here.
Diligently shaking my hips for how long I had been training in front of a mirror, I approached, modestly sat down on the edge of the bed.
Max squinting at me, Max looked at the monitor for a couple of minutes.
According to the arisen mound on the blanket, I understood – it is again excited.
On the monitor, the girl-trans took in her mouth huge cock black man.
I used to associate myself with her.
Now I, at least outwardly – a girl.
Max turned around, licking his lips, asked: – And so you want? – Yes, – I smiled, – very.
Max clumsily pushed the blanket back, leaned back against the wall and spread his legs.
I got up, knelt down. Live sex performance.

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