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He really did not know what a “sandwich” is, but the realization of completion gave him strength.
At this time, a woman came out of him, and under the “table” one of the healthy people dived.
The woman pressed the retainer, and the “table” smoothly went down with Dmitry.
He almost squatted, immediately strung on a member of the big guy below.
Dmitry started wagging his hips in order to quickly bring his visitor to his ass to orgasm, but he was stopped, firmly gripping his hips.
At the same time, a member of the second big man poked him in the ass.
“Two members at once! Yes, they will tear me!” – flashed through Dmitri’s head.
The second head still could not enter it.
But now she passed the sphincter, and already the entire member without an obstacle stuck into it.
A shout “stop” froze at Dmitry’s throat.
He was ready to shout at any moment, but nothing terrible happened.
He was not torn.
The sweet pain returned, and his cock immediately stood up and quivered, pulsing on the weight.
Men began rhythmic movements.
The pain disappeared, giving way to heat throughout the pelvis.
His cock swells so much that it just seemed to burst.
The men were fucking him, snarling like an animal with every movement.
They seemed to pump him up like a powerful pump, and a little more, and he would burst.
He was lifted behind the head and gently, but persistently inserted a member.
It was a guy with his “trunk”, and now three men were digging at the same time Dmitry in all his holes.
Awareness of this gave more lust, and a wave of orgasm overwhelmed Dmitry.
His penis began to beat with a powerful jets a fountain, his body trembled, squeezing an already stretched anus to the limit.
The men also began to stop this, and the guy who was putting Dmitry in the mouth apparently decided not to lag behind everyone and was also powerfully discharged into his mouth.
There was a lot of sperm, she spattered his whole face, part of it flowed out of his mouth.
Everyone moaned, growled, and sighed.
– And you even finished it yourself, without help.

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Well done! So I liked it.
If you want to continue – let me know via the site.
It will be a little harder, but more money.
What does this mean for me? What fantasies come to me? What excites me? Bisexuality A little off topic, but readers need to know why I’m bisexual, how it all happened.
This will be the key to understanding the story.
Apparently my puberty started too soon, or maybe I just could not control myself.
But I remember that this question interested me even in kindergarten, at 7 I already learned (myself!) To masturbate, and by the age of 13, after a lot of not very successful attempts to have sex with girls, I thought – and if I did what many say at school, but true in a negative shade.
As they say, “once not n.
“I decided.
In general, through lengthy experiments, we figured out how to do it (it’s not easy to insert it so skillfully) and then, almost 4 years of school, I was happy, substituting my ass to my friend, not forgetting the truth about the existence of girls, which, unfortunately, are further kisses did not allow anything.
Sex with guys was just sex, with girls the relationship was sublimely romantic.
With flowers, poems, adoration and love.
With a friend everything was simple and clear.
In the mouth, then in the ass, cum, bye! Discharge received and nothing else is needed.
This is what by the way and still attracts me in such sex.
No sussy pusi.
Want to relax – please.
Once and go.
Have sex and go about their business.
Wife training I grew up, got married, and although I was homosexual with a 12-year-old, I was with a woman at 21 for the first time.
Thank God everything went well, I generally liked it, although of course it differs greatly.
A few years later I found myself a super life partner and got married.
We live super, constantly very pleasant sex, but over the years, after 5 years of living together, ordinary sex began to pall and I wanted more diversity.
One of the thoughts that I was very excited about was the sex of my wife (let’s call her Anya) with another man.
But how do you say this to your wife? I once said that I would not mind such sex, she said that it was possible, but she doubted.
Then I changed tactics – at the moment when I fucked her, just before the curb, I said that I wanted someone else to fuck her.
Putting it on my hard cock and repeating that I would like to see how she is pleasing another man, she began to cumulate abundantly and shout “yes!”.
I finished it at the same time and in the future, repeated this technique 3 times, so after a while my pious accepted this idea very positively, apparently developed a conditioned reflex, and maybe she herself was not averse to just being embarrassed to admit 🙂 Scene one ( real events) One evening, sitting in the company of Anyuta and my friend Andrey, we noted that a friend helped

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us to install some electrical appliances in the apartment (I don’t really know much about it) and of course, my wife prepared to eat and even got a bottle. Indian nude men models.

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