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My thoughts flowed by themselves: I was lying and thinking about telling Tanya that story about Igor, that I should read almost half of the list of literature for the summer, that in ninth grade it would be time to choose the university, that the village boys look at me and especially on my chest with burning eyes, when they see me on a river in a bathing suit, but I don’t like any of them.
The room seemed to float – I was almost physically feeling like I was falling into a dream.
Hands and feet were numb and, in pleasant oblivion, I suddenly discerned a black male figure in the doorway: someone stood motionless and looked at me in the dark.
I internally shrank from fear, unable to move in a dream or resist the surging horror, and the dark silhouette suddenly separated from the wall and swam towards me.
It seemed that not only my body, but also my thoughts were paralyzed.
Unable to resist, I lay there and watched, fascinated, as he sat down on the edge of the bed, as his hand reached for me.
It seems that he stroked my hair and cheek.
I remembered my fear better than the other details of this terrible dream: the dark silhouette touched my neck with my hand, stroked my shoulders and arms, my bare chest, my stomach and my thighs.
Like a blind man, he explored me all by touch, leaving intact only my narrow panties.
I didn’t tell my grandmother, because we had a slightly strained relationship with my grandmother – she didn’t like my mom, and along with her, and me.
Nevertheless, she let me stay with her all summer, as I didn’t bother her much, and sometimes even helped. Hidden camera sex in office.

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