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And we went through the hall and the balcony to the room that used to be a kitchen.
The door was locked.
It was very warm there, the air conditioner worked in full.
On the nightstand of a large decomposed sofa there are packs with elastic bands and bubbles-bottles-jars with various gels and creams.
Andrew is almost undressed, Pasha after him, and I got ready, but the guys insisted on themselves undressing me.
While they were undressing me, my hands and their lips were everywhere in all my holes.
I was incredibly flowing, maybe even finished.
My nipples hardened.
I will omit all descriptions of caresses and preludes.
I have already understood that Pasha is a greater activist than Andrei, and now the reason has become clear.
The member of Pasha is straight, like a pin, 20–22 centimeters at first glance in a stand, cool, firm as a bayonet, embossed with wreaths and vessels, while Andrew has it.
like a fungus.
At the base, it seems normal, but by the middle it is very widened, the head, like a cap, already kraevushki are wrapped, and a bit shorter – from 18-19 centimeters.
And as it turned out, he, therefore, is always the second.
Immediately I warned – I love being on top, but I gave up under their languid looks and breathing – well, not always on top.
But I was lucky – Pasha was from the bottom.
What are still delicate guys! Pasha himself warned me – they say, do not hurry, the weekend is just beginning.
With the blowjob boys did not want to start.
I slowly began to sit down on Pashkin member, I feel that I have already rested. Hidden camera masturbation torrent.

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